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Content Writing:5 Common Problems Content Writers Face and their Solution.

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Finally, I have come up with the next topic for what to write, Content writers and their problems. This comes with a long list of problems that are usually faced while writing content. Here I am writing about 5 common problems that are faced by writers with simple solutions to overcome those issues.


1-Writers block: This occurs when a writer can no longer feel he can write anymore or decide what he wants to write. A feeling of usually a blank turn where the writer doesn't seem to decide what he had to write or what he should write. This is a very usual problem faced when you get into the profession of Content writing.

How to deal with writer's block?

  • Take a break from your work
  • write without a direction
  • Get up and take a walk
  • Talk to a friend
  • Set deadlines without a time limit
  • Change the time of your writing
  • Roughly write down your thoughts and arrange them later

For further reading on writer's block, you can check what has to say.

Writer's Block: Not knowing what to write more


2-Lacking Readability from the Readers:

Not getting the reader hook to your content is a big flaw that can considerably reduce your content readability and at the same time make you feel like you are not doing the best thing that you should do to attract readers.

How to improve the readability of your content?

  • Write short paragraphs
  • Format your content well
  • Use easy-to-understand words
  • Use short sentence
  • Use subheadings
  • Use bullet points
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3-Deciding a new topic:

Starting to write about what to write is the most common issue content writers might face. What to write to attract a big number of readers in content writing greatly affects what you create and deliver. SO deciding on an eye-catching and attractive topic is usually the most difficult thing to do when sitting down and starting a write-up.

How to Select a new topic for content writing?

  • Research into what the readers want to read
  • List down the ideas to get a clear insight into what you want to write
  • Consider the factor of importance and urgency while deciding on a topic
  • Wander around to get an idea of what you should write about

4- Content Writing has a Huge number of Competitors in the market:

The worldwide content writing marketplace is expanding daily, and with a large number of writers adding to the content writers' community, it is becoming more difficult to make your presence visible to the marketplace. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to make your skill observable in the marketplace.

How to overcome the extreme competition with content writers?

  • Try and generate a unique content
  • Generate up-to-date content
  • Bring problems with better and easy solutions
  • Create content about what readers want to read

5- Content writers Get less or delayed payment:

Getting into full-time content writing may seem exciting when it comes to the idea that you will get a handsome amount for your work, but this is not the truth. Starting Content writing as a beginner may seem easy to work on a minimum start-up but as you get more experience in the field it is important to set the standardized charges that help to maintain a good income source for yourself. Often it also happens that the amount you get is good but the untimely or delayed payment from the client can lower your morale and not help to get enough excitement for your work.

How to get a timely and good payment?

  • Maintain standard charges and payment policy agreements with your clients
  • Sending friendly reminders for payment
  • Maintain good relationships with your customers
  • Offer some percentage of payment as an advance payment for your work

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