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Confessions Are Just


My confession, are words at a standstill, and at a halt, which I must place under the counsels of rebuke, and admonitions; I need to judge self, harsh realities only grace can remedy; so that I don't burden anyone else with the work assigned to me alone, In order to rescind being void of judgment, and a reprobate; What are true confessions commissioned to produce? Healing and wholeness!

I confess to me, myself and I, why? to remind myself of something I have said,done, acted, thought, felt, intended, motivated, imagined, and even ignored and wrote off; When what I truly need is correction, and change, somethings that were, or are not right, as things which have occurred, and occur,I am committed to what I confess, or admit, I trust the process to usher it towards the change it requires, repentance;

Repentance for the remission of sin! I want this to be my present experience, and reality, non mythical, more practical, I must be active in this process, or I will be forgetful in my endeavors, and efforts; needed for cleansing and purging in all things that matter, the issues of the heart, which require diligence desirous of progression and answers;Yes, affordable holistic health care, that's it!

Breath, spirit, soul and body coming into alignment with all correction, A true Priest or High Priest would understand this self employment one must have; to employ self to do what is required for clean desires to pray, and not to prey; A true Priestess and High Priestess would comprehend the restlessness of sou, l and spirit, when breath is under siege, and so are words,Words must be free, but they must be dipped in mercies;

Some have entertained both priest, and priestess unawares, But angels are more of a wonder, and following these days; As looking for entertainment becomes the new normal, Fallen angels become the talk of every town; Minimizing the need of the priestly office to mere vain babbling,The priest/priestess will not always be there as a sounding board;

I need to examine myself closely, The words "I repent" let it be my confession, No other words are needed for self employment, If I was not self employed, how was I employed by others? Self employment cannot pay me, in dollars and cents, I pay me in how I spend time, time pays me with more time;

Why time, I have my own work to do in, and with it, My daily confession is "I repent" to remit, and cancel pending sin, I can take no chances, and let my account be overdrawn;The ledger of self perceives itself, when it doesn't bear false witness to self, Take a selfie, and snapshot of the inner self, post it! With transmission of sin here in the world too, be for real!

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Unrepentant transmissions are dangerous, costly and unkind, Would the selfie show me only, or is sin, and unrepentance riding for free, I make my confession "I repent" the daily sacrifice, It releases what is bound, and pent up within, I must repent, why? I cannot see, feel, hear, or perceive what is pent up inside, lest I repent, to awaken self towards at least understanding;

I don't want a self that knows, but cannot understand, Can and will the crooked be made straight? I confess to bring it up to the minds surface, for reflection, inspection, examination, investigation and resolve, right now, today, presently, If my thoughts would grant me mercy to do so;

My thoughts can be kind, but will they? without my confession to myself first, How do I repent? to my own self I must be true, Words must be observed, it is called meditation, the medication for the mind; Words are coded, and encrypted, with truth and wonder,or deceit, and deception, and who can know them better than ole self? I must choose the path my words take, and be responsible for my activity log;

I am really the only best friend I have and hold, Self is the only one to have as a possession, that belongs only to me, No one can have the friend I am, I need her all the time so that I can be her, You can not loan and borrow friendship,You must own it to use it, not use a friend other than you, It is paradox, what may appear to even be a contradiction;

My confession advises me, why borrow or loan a friend, just be it, My confession would be if I could talk with a priest,or priestess, before during and after, would be "I repent" If I have confessed, and repented within me, why waste valuable time doing it again elsewhere? the priestly office is now with men and women;

It is open for my confession towards correction, Looking for the destination sign leading towards perfection, Arrival date unknown.

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