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Concept Of Memento Mori: “Reminder Of Morality”

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We all know the types of positives and negatives that come with times as we grow older and wiser, but no matter how high we are on power, happiness, money, or booze, we should remember “Memento Mori” which means in Latin for the “reminder of death”, “reminder of morality” or in many easy words “remember we have an expiration date”. This reminder kicks in when someone close to us dies and we had to sit through the hard times for a while.

There is a quote on the internet, I don’t remember who said it, but it has to be a wise man or woman (sorry couldn’t find the name):

“The most painful thing is not a cut or a broken nose, the most painful thing is seeing the people you make memories with, slowly become memories”

Yeah, it is quite heartbreaking yet managed to get corny somehow. Now, some of us can say that if something like that happens to us then we wouldn’t be able to be ourselves again and some of us will say “No, we’ll die if something like that happens”, but that’s not true at all, we humans are much tougher than we think, we actually are.

“One day my little brother was upset with some things with our family and relatives and he was going through some tough times, so, my father said sat down with him and explained to him he should not be too hard on himself, and others, anyone can be dead in the blink of an eye, and he stopped talking for a while…. anyways it stopped him in his tracks at that time. But, he couldn’t let go of the things, since they were too harsh for him and a few months later as those things grew on him and stressed him too damn much, he died of a heart attack (May his soul rest in peace), it was the most barbaric thing that could ever happen to my family and me, but we got over it much faster than we thought we would.”

Of course not quite as fast as, in the movies or something, but quick nevertheless, yet the space is still there to fill, but for now, let’s just say these kinda things heal over time.

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Now, we all know about “Memento Mori” and yet there is one question that remains Answered yet Unanswered at the same time: “What should we do until our expiration date comes?”.

Well, my opinion on “Memento Mori”, just to make it a little less painful truth, is to try to be grateful for every single second we breathe in this “ugly and chaotic world”, and, impress some people that we might not know yet with our morals and make this place better for the people who’ll come after us, and, will say “F*ck, I wish, I die, Today!!!”

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