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Compassion - 15th in the "Good Words Project" (Poem)

The 15th Word

Compassion - 15th in the "Good Words Project" - I have pledge to write a poem for each word given weekly by Jo_Goldsmith11. Words to inspire us to practice and live by these words daily!




© By Shyron Shenko 5/10/2014

Without compassion

What are we?

Mere strangers in a raging sea?

With no place to run, no place to be.

Then, when we are called to action

To help someone who is down and out

There is No doubt

That is compassion

And when we are moved to tears

From all the sadness that we hear

And we seek to quail our fears

That is compassion

So when we are feeling all alone

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Then someone comes along

And with a touch of Kindness

Fills our hearts with song

That is compassion

When someone shows compassion to you

Do not keep it to yourself

Pass it on to someone else

If we can inspire Compassion

To all mankind

Living and practicing Compassion all the time

Then our world will be just fine

Show Compassion and Stand by Me!

My favorite quote!

"Love has no meaning if it is not shared" -- Mother Theresa

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ― Mother Teresa

From HappyBoomernurse

© 2014 Shyron E Shenko


C E Clark from North Texas on May 31, 2020:

If the Coronavirus wasn't enough, now we have cops killing people just because they can. Of course they've been doing that longer than I can remember, but it needs to stop.

In the meantime we must remember to be compassionate towards those who may not have our advantages. Just like mercy and forgiveness, if we want it (especially from God) we have to give it. Remember Jesus forgave the people who crucified Him before He died on the cross.

Jesus said it's easy to forgive one's friends and people who love you back, but He requires that we forgive those we consider our enemies, equally. There is the true test.

So regardless of which side of this issue one is on, forgiveness and mercy are God's expectations of all of us. Compassion towards others and putting ourselves in their shoes is what we must do for starters. Then we must fix this situation once and for all, because if one person or one group of people are not safe from police brutality, then truly, none of us are.

Posting this on AH &FB.

Blessings, dear friend. Stay safe.

C E Clark from North Texas on March 20, 2020:

Now with the Coronavirus wreaking havoc with our lives and our health, we need to have compassion for others all the more, and we will need plenty ourselves as the virus makes it's way through our neighborhoods and our lives.

Stay well, dear friend. Blessings . . .

C E Clark from North Texas on July 06, 2019:

I would be afraid to be a Republican given the values they espouse. I guarantee God doesn't approve of the terrible situation on our southern border. As I have said for many years now, you can't be a Christian and a Republican at the same time. To be a Christian one must have empathy and mercy for the less fortunate. Republicans don't have the vaguest idea what empathy or mercy are.

Blessings & hugs dear friend . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on June 22, 2017:

Au fait, thank you for the comments, I do appreciate you.

Blessings and hugs, dear friend

C E Clark from North Texas on June 20, 2017:

Seems to me there is getting to be less compassion in this world everyday. I hear 'so-called' (the Trump definition) Christians pleased that we won't have liberal ideas (tolerance, love, equality, healthcare for all, and caring about the welfare of others, not just one's self), proliferating in this country with Republicans in charge.

People don't seem to understand that their hatred of liberal ideas is a direct hatred of the very values Jesus came to exemplify, and did exemplify.

Just imagine how Jesus would be treated today if he dared to appear in sandals, worn jeans and T, long hair and scraggly beard. Like he said, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Whatever you refused to do or give to the least of these you also did to me." Matt: 25:40

Wonder how they persuade themselves to ignore these parts of the Bible that do not go along with their true love of money and position that is short-lived in this world . . .

People would do well to adopt an attitude of compassion, mercy and forgiveness, and a life of service that will reap them blessings in the world to come instead of storing up piles of riches in this world that will soon pass away.

The Lord speaks to us all in many different ways by many different means and through many different beings all through our lives. These many communications will be brought to our attention when we meet Him and he explains about all the sins we failed to ask forgiveness for because we didn't even realize we were sinning . . . when we looked down on someone we considered less than ourselves, when we criticized someone unfairly, when we refused to help someone in need for our own selfish reasons . . .

You will know them by their fruits -- Matt 7:15. One doesn't receive life and Heaven through works, but when one has given his/her heart to Jesus Christ, He will work through one to do good and wonderful things. If someone exhibits selfishness, and disdain for people not as well off as themselves, their identifiable fruits are not from God. If they cannot bring themselves to forgive and be merciful, neither will they receive those gifts. This is a hard lesson that many will never learn.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on February 06, 2016:

Au fait, I did read Billybuc's piece and I thought of the song "Charlie's Shoes"

Now I’m wearing out the shoes that Charlie wore

Walking back and forth across the hardwood floor

The troubles that drove him away I’ve got for company

These nights in Charlie’s shoes are killing me.

Thank you so very much for the comment and for sharing.

I do hope and pray that all is well with you.

Blessings and hugs my dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on February 06, 2016:

Billybuc wrote a great piece titled "What If I Were You?" If people would stop and think about what it might be in another person's shoes perhaps there would be more compassion in this world. But for the grace of God they might find themselves in some pinching shoes. One can never be sure when God will decide to provide some shoes that pinch in order to get a point across. Never pays to imagine one's self is better than anyone.

Seems to me the reason Jesus was crucified was in part because some people imagined themselves better than He was. He didn't just represent a threat to authority. He made His "betters," uncomfortable with what He was preaching and teaching. He was poor and homeless and no doubt lots of people thought they were better and more loved by God than Jesus. What a shock awaits them!

Mathew 25:12 Depart from me for I never knew you.

People who lack compassion are not of God and are not exhibiting the behavior of the saved. Ignoring these things, refusing to accept them as fact, won't make them go away.

Sharing this article.

What a long week it's been, and difficult. Worse to come. Hope all is well with you and John. Take care dear friend . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on July 30, 2014:

Peggy, thank you for you comment, up votes and for sharing.

I really appreciate you.

Blessings always


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on July 29, 2014:

Most people who are compassionate are also empathetic to the plight of others. Just following the Golden Rule would have us acting in compassionate ways towards others. Good one Shyron! Up votes and sharing.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 25, 2014:

Maria, it makes me so happy that you are reading all of my poems. Jo is such a special person and I love her also.. And I love you too. You are U-NEE-QUE and special and beautiful. I truly appreciate you.

Blessing forever and always.

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on May 25, 2014:

Although I am haphazardly getting to read your entire series with my 'back and forth' action, I'm forever enthralled by your ability to capture the very essence of the chosen 'good word' in your poetic stylings.

Jo has selected the perfect piece to honor in her May Gold you exemplify 'compassion' towards us all in your kind interactions in our community.

Voted UP & UABI. Love you both, Maria

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 24, 2014:

So happy to see you here mckbirdbks, I have been reading about Emerald Wells (love the name) and I hear a lot about you from Jo. I am glad that you are also standing her also. I believe in her and her "Good Words" and I appreciate your kind words.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 23, 2014:

Hi Shyron, Jo sent me over here. Good thing otherwise I would have missed this. Very beautiful though. I am listening to your song selection now. So glad you are standing by Jo in support of "Good Word Projects" It's a great project.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 17, 2014:

Jamie, I am so happy to see you again. I am glad you find the "Good Words Project" and my poems inspiring. Thank you for the compliment.



Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on May 16, 2014:

I really love your "Good Word Projects" what a great idea and all your poems and hubs have been so inspiring and well written. Thank you. Jamie

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 12, 2014:

Thank you Devika my friend, for you comment and for reading my poem.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 12, 2014:

Flourish dear friend, I am trying to live by all the "Good Words" and I appreciate you reading my poems.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 11, 2014:

Thank you Lisa, for your comment, I appreciate you and yes we all need to show more compassion.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 11, 2014:

It is okay Dear Faith, it is so easy to type one word and mean another.

((((Hugs)))) right back

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 11, 2014:

Au fait, my dear friend, you are right in that Compassion seems to be a foreign. But there are some people who still know the meaning and live by it.

Thank you for your comments, compliment, Voting this up, BAI, and pinning and sharing.

I hope you had a beautiful and Blessed Mother's Day.


Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 11, 2014:

Faith, yes our world needs to be more compassionate.

You are precious and I appreciate you and I thank you for your comments and more.

Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day.



Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 11, 2014:

Brilliantly thought of. You said so much in a poem about such a great and meaningful word.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 10, 2014:

Thank you Ruby, for your comment, I really appreciate you. Yes if every person would just show a little compassion What a wonderful world it would be.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 10, 2014:

Thank you so much Kevin, I am glad you liked my poem, I wish you would write one also for the good words.

I appreciate you and the thumbs up, sharing and pinning.

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 10, 2014:

If only we would all do this. I like the idea of paying it forward, passing along the gift of compassion to others.

Lisa VanVorst from New Jersey on May 10, 2014:

This is so true. We as society should show compassion to all.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 10, 2014:

Oops, sorry there, meant "words" of course, and not worlds.


C E Clark from North Texas on May 10, 2014:

If we all truly had compassion for others as we want for ourselves there would be no hungry or homeless in our midsts. No one would go without necessary life-saving medical care. Unfortunately compassion seems to be a foreign word (probably Marxist of communist) an a foreign idea to many people in this country . . .

A beautiful poem as usual. Voting this up, BAI, and pinned to AH. Will share also.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 10, 2014:

Truly beautiful truths shared here on compassion, Shyron. This world needs to read such worlds to be mindful of just how powerful showing compassion to others can change lives and hearts forever.

Always enjoy your artwork. Great choice of video too.

Up and more and away.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

Blessings always.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 10, 2014:

Great poem Shyron. If every person would show compassion, there would be no sadness. Loved it...

The Examiner-1 on May 10, 2014:

I liked your poem Shyron, it was useful and interesting. I gave it a thumbs up, shared and pinned it.


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