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Comparing Commaful To Wattpad and Quotev

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A brief analysis

People love comparing things huh? I keep seeing the question "Should I use Commaful over Wattpad?" or "Is Commaful better than Quotev?". In my opinion, these aren't the right questions to ask.

I've used Wattpad and Quotev on and off for a few years now, Wattpad more than Quotev. I've used Commaful for almost a year, so I feel fairly qualified to talk about this topic.

Commaful isn't really a replacement for Wattpad or Quotev. Everybody who keeps saying this is off misses the point of these sites. They are all different. I share different types of stories on each of these websites. I've made friends on each one. I enjoy using them all.

I hope to give you an idea of why you would want to use Commaful or Wattpad or Quotev.

Reading Novels and Multimedia Stories

The #1 reason why these sites are different is the type of stories people share on them. Commaful isn't made for novels. There are plenty of top authors and novelists on there, but they aren't posting novels onto Commaful. If you want to read and write novels, you don't go to Wattpad. When I'm in the mood for a long story that can drown out my day, I'm not going to Commaful.

Commaful is filled with "multimedia stories". When I have some free time or have time to kill, that's when I'll read on Commaful. I also have a few favorite writers on there who I will read whenever I can. Pretty much on weekdays I'm on Commaful and weekends when I have more time I'm on Wattpad and Quotev.

As a writer, I share all my poetry, starting story ideas, and fanfiction to Commaful. Commaful is a really good place to explore new ideas. Poetry also looks super good there. And I love being able to art I've made of my OC to my fanfics to my stories. Fleshed out stories and books I hope to publish in the future go on Wattpad. Quotev is a random splatter of fanfiction and shitposts that I think my friends on Quotev might like.

Quotev is also the only writing site I’ve found so far that has quizzes. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so I love making Harry Potter quizzes on Quotev.

Meeting New People

I actually have friends on every one of these sites that don’t overlap. They are all internet friends who I have never met in person and probably never will, but we talk every day and share our love for certain TV shows and bands and hobbies. Because of these sites, I have friend from around the world and various backgrounds. Some are my age. Others are older. Others are younger. But none of that ever gets in the way. We just have fun!

The culture on every site is different too and that makes a really big difference. Quotev is the most “social” out of all of these. People message me out of the blue all the time on Quotev. I get that a lot less on Wattpad and Commaful. Sometimes it feels like people are on Quotev more to make friends than anything else. Roleplaying is a really big deal on Quotev too and a lot of people are there to just hang out and chat. Many who don’t even like reading or writing actually.

Commaful has the most supportive writing community I've seen. There are a lot of ambitious and aspiring writers here and so many people try to help each other. I've met people who I can collaborate with here. If you’re looking for feedback and an audience, this is a good choice in my opinion.

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Wattpad has a younger audience so you deal with people who are sometimes a little less mature, but it's really hard to predict who you'll come across. I've met some really nice and cool people. Sometimes, you'll run into people who are very rude. I use it less for socializing, but more for feedback on my books that I hope will get me closer to being published. This is the best option for meeting other authors who are trying to publish their works, this is a good option.


Wattpad is the most professional and established at this point. It’s pretty big and some people have gotten published because of Wattpad. This provides a lot of opportunities to win prizes, get noticed by their partners, or more. Wattpad stars is also a thing, and I belive that allows you to make a small amount of money too.

Commaful has the most opportunity. It’s growing incredibly quickly and has a lot of big people in publishing turning their heads. The site has featured a number of really famous authors. While there’s no direct way to profit from it yet, my guess is that you eventually will be able to.

As a general theme here, Quotev is mostly for fun. I’ve never heard of people trying to get published from Quotev.

It's About Preference

It ends up really being about what you personally like and dislike. I don't think any site is "better" than the other.

If I had to give a recommendation for what type of person should use each one, this would be my verdict:

  • Commaful: For short stories, poetry, writing exercises, and to build a big audience. They are less established so it’s the best opportunity to get readers.
  • Quotev: If you just want to make friends with others. Think of this like middle school kind of. There’s drama and cliques. People hang out alot. Sometimes enjoy reading and writing too.
  • Wattpad: If you like to read and write novels for free. This is a really big site so it can be harder to get readers, but when it works it can really work

Use the site you like the most and that will get you the closest to your writing goals. For me, I want to make friends, get followers, and also eventually get published so I use them all!


Kakashi on September 15, 2020:

Thanks a lot!

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Informative. Thanks.

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