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Common Sense Without Sweat

Harry is a biochemist and he hardly knows about the implications of his inventions. Devoid of common sense, he interferes with the Nature.

Three scholars, accompanied by their naïve servant, reached a clearing. Suddenly, one of the scholar's eyes caught sight of some bones lying on the forest floor. He examined the bones and declared that with the help of his knowledge, he would complete the skeleton. The naïve servant looked at the scholar in awe and said, 'Master, master these are the bones of a tiger". "Yes. So what! Let me do my work and don't interfere."

After a great effort, the scholar completed the skeleton. The other two marveled at his accomplishment. The second scholar came forward and offered his services. He announced that with his knowledge, he would cover the skeleton with flesh and skin. Saying this he set to work and soon his work resulted in a mighty ferocious tiger, perfect from head to tail, but lifeless.

Wow! What an achievement! You are a genius praised the two, while the servant looked at the tiger in fear. The third scholar considered it an insult not to get involved in the project. Intoxicated with his knowledge, he jumped forward and proudly claimed that he could bring the creature to life.

"Master, master, use your common sense." "Don't do it. The wild beast if came alive will devour us all" retorted the naïve servant.

You illiterate, good-for-nothing, fine piece of a paranoid! What do you know about knowledge? Do not poke your nose into matters that are beyond your understanding. Now keep off, stay calm and mind your own business and let me concentrate on my work.

The servant, sensing the scholars are adamant, went quietly towards a tree and climbed it up quickly.

The resurrection of the tiger resulted in a hungry roar and three blood-dripping bodies beside the tiger on the forest floor. The scholars with all their knowledge succumbed to the wounds, while the servant saved his life with his common sense.

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The world today has reached the heights of scientific glory. Every year thousands of universities pump out millions of scholars into this world. The theory of relativity is stretched to its limit. Fission and fusion are becoming more advanced with each passing year. There is a talk of human clones. Even the poorest of the poor carry a handset connected to the whole world without any interruption. Unfortunately, the commonsense lay buried under the heap of scientific and technological progress.

What benefit mankind is getting from the nuclear arsenal kept in restricted areas? The naïve servant did save his life with his common sense, but if the heaps of nuclear devices are activated by the folly of a jolly man, there will be no one to tell the tale of today's scholars.

Isn't it common sense that our beautiful planet is going to face global warming and the extinction of many beautiful creatures due to pollution? Even the humans have started facing lethal effects of disruptions in the ozone layer; still, our scientists come up with new machines, chemicals, and fuels now and then to increase pollution

Common sense is inherent in human nature. It is the first thing on the ladder of life. It is a tragedy that as we climb up, the first rung becomes invisible. Our ambition, our unending thirst for knowledge, our desire to achieve more and more, and our lust for success and fame widen the gap between us and our common sense. Consequently, common sense has become not so common and we have started our journey into the abyss of oblivion.

We always share our history and our present with people who possess common sense. In our myths, in our legends, in our proverbs, and our maxims, common sense appears as a blessing of God. It appears in the pages of textbooks, it scampers our computer and TV screens in foolish fury, yet it is becoming rare with every passing day. We often consider that sensible and wise men and women have made us civilized, advanced and rich, but it is not true. Scholars devoid of common sense, can only expedite our journey toward destruction and extinction.

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