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Scholarship Sans Common Sense—A Moral Story for Kids

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Hello friends! Here, I am going to tell you a very interesting and common story. Its core idea is from 'Panchatantra' which is the oldest collection of Indian fables, very popular work on Indian literature written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. Its stories are still very relevant today. They are life-giving lessons. So let's start with one of its interesting fables.

Scholars and Bholu

Once upon a time, there were four best friends in a village. Three of them, Ram, Shyam, and Krishna were great scholars. They were very learned men in their village, having great knowledge of scriptures with some special magical powers and skills. They had no match in the village. While one of them, Bholu, was of average intellect, but he used to perform all the basic tasks that were needed in day-to-day life. Bholu was a very hard-working and kind-hearted person, a good organizer, and full of wisdom. His decisions were practical. He always used his common sense to tackle any situation. Although he couldn't muster the courage to study vast scriptures as his learned friends could do. For this reason, he was often ignored and insulted by his scholar friends.

Once, the three scholars thought of going to some new place, a city of knowledge, 'Manasa', outside their village to gain further knowledge, besides they wished to earn lots of wealth from their learning. They decided to take Bholu with them and asked him to make the necessary arrangements for the journey as they had to cross a dense forest before reaching the town. Bholu made all the arrangements perfectly. He carried his luggage and that all of his three friends on his back.

Scholars show mettle

While passing through the forests, these four friends noticed a few pieces of a skeleton lying on the way. One of them, Krishna, recognized that the pieces of skeleton belonged to the body of a wild animal lion. He assembled all the pieces. Then to show his prowess, he used his magical powers and skills. He enchanted 'mantras' and sprinkled water from his jar. All of a sudden, the pieces of the skeleton were joined, got a perfect shape. Now Krishna was very proud of himself.

Krishna exclaimed, "see my power".

Bholu was surprised to see all this. He praised Krishna wholeheartedly.

Bholu applauded," Wow Krishna, you have done it! It's amazing".

Another scholar, Shyam, was also ready to show his prowess. Of course! Why he should lag behind his one scholar friend.

Shyam proudly uttered, " now it's my turn. See what I can do. I will give body to this creature"

So, he also used his magical powers and skills to give the shape of a body to the skeleton. He filled the skeleton with skin, muscles, and tissues so that it looked like a real lion. Now Bholu got stunned.

A few seconds later, expressing his utter surprise Bholu reacted," wonderful! It's incredible!. It looks like a real lion!

Instead of giving thanks, Shyam insulted Bholu. He rebuked," you fool! it's a real lion." However, Bholu didn't mind he showed his humbleness. Now everybody was excited.

a Scholar using his magical powers to give life to the lion

a Scholar using his magical powers to give life to the lion

Bholu was anxious, he noticed that sunset is near. He told all his friends," come on friends, let's move out of this dense forest before getting darker. We will be safe from wild animals and robbers".

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Ram got irritated and scolded Bholu, "just keep quiet you coward!"

Do you know why he reacted in such a way? Still, something was left to be done. The lion was real but lifeless. Now the third scholar, Ram, was left. How could he remain silent? He said," let me show my power too."

Bholu asked Ram, "what are you going to do now ?"

Ram said, "let me make the lion alive."

Bholu alarmed, "the lion will kill us!"

Ram said carelessly, "Oh! Bholu, don't worry. Everything will be alright."

Bholu was reluctant as he had anticipated the future, the consequences could be dangerous. His conscience didn't allow him to support the action.

Bholu requested Ram, "I beg of you my dear friend, you will surely get another chance to prove your mettle if life remains."

Several times Bholu humbly requested Ram, not to make the lion alive. But all his friends turned deaf ears to his requests. Finally, Ram decided to give life to the lifeless body of the lion. Being cautious, Bholu decided to climb up a tree first. His friends laughed.

Once again Bholu warned, "Beware of the consequences! Still, time is there!."

But they didn't pay any heed to him. Instead, all the pundits made fun of him. Finally, Ram used his magical skills and power, enchanted mantras. And lo and behold! The Lion got a life. But the lion was furious and hungry, he devoured all of the three. No scholar was left. It was shocking and horrible; all the scholars proved their mettle in such a foolish way. Only Bholu was alive, and he returned to his village with grief.

Lion attacking the scholars, Bholu watching them from a tree branch

Lion attacking the scholars, Bholu watching them from a tree branch

Bholu's life after losing scholars

Bholu saved his life and lived the life of a common man. That kind-hearted person always helped the people in their hours of need. Due to his humble nature, everybody in the village began to consult him and took his help. Moreover, people began to solve their family disputes and personal problems with his advice. He was now counted among wiser men of the village. Even elderly people too began to consult him. Gradually, he began to command the love and respect of the whole village community. Even people from nearby villages and towns began to visit him. He was honored with various rewards and gifts in return for the selfless services he rendered to the society. He became very popular for his wisdom, better the common sense he possessed that was missing in many elderly scholars of his time. His popularity reached to many big cities that many learned persons began to visit him, and took his advice happily. His advice worked. Observing the results, many books began to be written in the name of Bholu. The contents of the books were moral stories, home solutions, carrier guidance, remedies of life, etc. The books grabbed worldwide attention. Bholu began to be counted among the rare scholars of the world. Such is the positive impact of common sense.


So my dear friends, don't boast about yourself, try to find practical solutions to practical problems. This is the true wisdom that is nothing more than the timely application of common sense.

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