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Committed to the End

A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

Committed to the End...Even when the time comes when we are kissing with no teeth...just gum to gum!

Committed to the End...Even when the time comes when we are kissing with no teeth...just gum to gum!

And I'll Still Be Here...

Committed to the End

I guess by now you can see…I didn’t pretend,

When I told you I would be committed to the end.

Where others would have thrown in the towel,

I stayed right here…in accordance with my vow.

An Allegiance…is what it is called formally,

Let’s keep this between us two…at least…casually!

I will be here!

I have stayed, as promised, committed to the end,

I remain your husband, your confidant’, and friend.

So…no worries…I got your back,

I will be there to help take up the slack.

A friend in foul weather you found in me,

I have remained by your side through our history.

I am still here!

A lover, but even more importantly than that,

Someone who truly cares about what you’re doing, and where you’re at.

It’s hard to be romantically inclined when you get old,

But listen to me…though things change…my love has not turned cold.

What? This sounds like what a man would say after what I’ve been through!

Well…there you have it…don’t know what more to add to that or do?

This man’s still here!

Born to walk through life as your soul mate,

One step behind…and a foot in my mouth…Ain’t that great?

But let’s keep the home fires burning…

We both could use a whole lot more learning,

On the other’s needs and desires in life.

It’s never boring…being husband and wife!

You know what…I’m still here!

What the heck is marriage and love all about,

If it doesn’t get to you enough to make you want to scream and shout!

I know…we have added some grey hairs to each other…at least yours’ didn’t fall out!

And also…at the very least…we never put the gloves on, and went into a contention bout!

But the best is still...yet to come,

Soon we will be kissing with no teeth…just gum to gum!

And I’ll still be here!

© 2009 ManlyPoetryMan

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