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Collecting Glass

My glass collecting hobby

Several years ago I went to a local antiques fair where there were several stalls selling Glass. I was more attracted to these stalls than to the other stalls selling other antiques and collectable because the colours of the glass items stood out for me. I had a good look around these stalls and got chatting to some of the dealers. This was when I decided that I would become a glass collector because the items were nice to look at and I was interested in finding out more.

Of course I knew nothing at all about collecting glass and I would not have known a good piece from a bad piece. I knew there was a lot to learn about this area of collecting, so I decided to start to learn more from buying some reference books on the subject.

Some time after this, I went to a local auction where I noticed that there was a box of books for sale. All of the books in the box were on the subject of glass collecting so I left a bid. Unfortunately that particular box went for far more money that I had bid, so I left the auction empty handed . This did not stop me , and I went on to buy other books on the subject of glass collecting and now I have several of them. Whenever I buy a new piece of glass for myself ,I always have a look through my reference books to find something similar. Most of the time I do not find anything because the glass in these books would be worth much more than I could afford to pay.


The Art of Glass

This is one of the first reference books that I brought when I decided to start collecting books on glass. I found this book to be very informative with a lot of lovely pictures of pieces of glass. The Art of Glass is about a timespan in the history of glass production. The time covered is Art Nouveau to Art Deco and this was when some really good glass was produced. By this time, more glass was being brought by the general public, or those who could afford it, and glass collecting started to become popular.

This book was published in 1996 to coincide with a major exhibition.

Useful information

The Art of Glass has 111 pages and eleven chapters including;

  • Foreword and Acknowledgements.
  • Precursors
  • Art Nouveau
  • Iridescence
  • Pate de Verre
  • Art Deco
  • Appendices
  • The Glass Sea- Anemone Models
  • A brief directory of names used in the text
  • Glossary
  • Select Bibliography
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The Art of Rene Lalique



Anybody who has watched antiques programmes on television will be able to tell you that Lalique Glass is very collectable and makes good money when re-sold. However, like with most antiques and collectables, it is only certain pieces that are really rare and valuable. The Lalique factory was in production for may years and they made a lot of glass.

This book gives the collector some idea on what to look for when buying a piece of glass made by Lalique. There are lots of clues on how to identify a valuable item if you should be lucky enough to find one and be able to buy it for your own collection.

Investing in Georgian Glass


Georgian Glass

When I first started to collect glass I was a complete novice and I was not able to identify any piece of glass . The glass could have been brand new or over one hundred years old for all I knew. So learning about this subject has been an uphill struggle because there are so many pieces of glass out there for sale.

So this is why I decided to study this book which is on the subject of glass that was made during the Georgian period. Of course most of this sort of glass is very rare nowadays because, as we all know, glass is easily damaged . Once a piece of old glass , or any glass for that matter, has been damaged it immediately becomes devalued.

Investing in Georgian Glass is a book aimed at serious collectors who wish to buy this sort of glass as an investment, but I brought this book as a way to learn what to look for in old glass.

My Opinion of these books

Of course there are a lot more books out there on the subject of glass collecting, but these are just a sample of my own collection. I often visit antiques fairs and have a look at the stalls that sell glass, and by reading books like these I have been able to learn a lot about the subject. I also enjoy reading and collecting antiques reference books because I enjoy looking at the lovely pictures.

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