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Climate Crisis Becomes an Obsession for Young Activist in Timely Chapter Book for YA Readers

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

A Lesson That Everyone Can Make a Difference to Save Our Planet

Even young activists can make a difference for our planet

Even young activists can make a difference for our planet

Young Activist With Passion Makes a Difference for Our Planet

Barbara Dee's Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet is a highly relevant new chapter book for ages 9-12 that teaches the lesson that everyone can make a difference in small ways in order to combat the looming climate crisis. Dee writes with humor and knowledge of science and her text is very relatable to real young people in this age group. Her characters are actually likeable young people and this characteristic in her writing makes this an especially good read for this age group.

Haven Jacobs is obsessed with the looming climate changes that our world is experiencing. She believes that adults are not actually doing anything about things that are happening to the animals, landscapes, and envrionments due to the heating of the earth. She begins to wonder is a seventh-grader can do anything to make a difference. Haven learns that the penguins in Antartica are in danger because the glaciers are melting. She discovers that even frogs are being affected by the warming waters. Her social studies teacher encourages Haven to find a project that could make a small difference in saving our planet. She becomes involved in a science project that her science teacher has been doing with classes for several years. The river in her community is the source for the science project. She and her classmates discover that pollution is harming the river environment. The problem is that the company that her dad works for is the source of the pollution. Haven is determined to solve this problem by exposing the company, but she must decide whether she can avoid damaging her dad's job.

The chapters are short and create easy reading for young readers. Dee writes in simple text with several references to science concepts that are creating our global climate crisis.

Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet has a lesson for young readers in that even the smallest changes can make a difference for our earth. It was published by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing and has an ISBN of 978-1-5344-8983-7.

This highly relevant chapter book deserves a 5-Star rating for its topic, easy text with relatable characters and characters that speak in clean langauge.

Bring Haven and Her Friends Into the Classroom for Exciting Science Activities

Science teachers who also like to encourage reading for ages 9-12 will want to add Barbara Dee's Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet to their classroom library. Climate change is in the news daily and our earth is clearly heating up with all kinds of effects on the animals and our environment. Science teachers have the opportunity to introduce projects like the one that Haven and her classmates are engaged in to learn to make a difference for our planet.

*Assign the book individually or as a chapter book to read daily with students reading a chapter or two aloud to share with classmates.

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* Organize a project for students to collect water samples from water in your community. Experiment with the water samples to discover any pollution that may be found in your community's water supply.

*Examine the air pollution in your community and have students determine what is causing air pollution in your community.

*Assign class projects for students to learn how pollution and water environments affect the animals in the community. Haven learns that the frogs in the river are affected by the pollution.

*Haven is influenced by the young activist Kirina Ansong and her speech to the UN about her concerns about climate change. Make a video of the real-life young activist Greta Thunberg's speech to the UN concerning the looming climate change available for students to hear. I have included the video at the bottom of my review article.

*Assign a class project to learn about factories or companies in your community or nearby city that may be contributing to air or water pollution. Assign a creative writing project for students to compose letters to the factory or company to ask questions about how the factory or company is addressing the problems of water or air pollution in their surrounding area.

*Haven's school organized a town festival for cleaning up the river. Organize a festival for your school to promote a clean-up of an area in your city or community that is contributing to some harm of the environment.

Young Activist Greta Thunberg's Speech on Climate Change

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