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Cleanliness With A New Perspective

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Importance of cleaning.

Wonderful definition of the word cleanliness

Definition proving itself in every sense

let's see it from a different perspective -

Cleanliness is related to the body

Cleanliness is related to mind

Cleanliness is related from around

Cleanliness is related to character

We got the knowledge of cleaning the body from childhood

Keeping yourself clean is also a worship

Importance of clearing the mind

From time to time to remove bad memories

Character cleanliness is a different dimension

Character is a reflection of your deeds

Character is the hallmark of your life

To keep your character clean

Hold no grudge against anyone

Every country preaches the cleanliness of its surroundings.

Some have become clean, some are about to happen.

Everyone needs a resolution.

There is a need to understand cleanliness from every dimension.

Be clean from the bottom of your heart

And surely you will make your life clean.

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