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Classic Favorite Goldilocks and the Three Bears in New Edition and Board Book Form

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Board Book Edition of a Classic Favorite

Board book form makes this new edition a favorite with infants and toddlers.

Board book form makes this new edition a favorite with infants and toddlers.

Introduce Little Ones to Favorite Classics

Board books make it easy for infants and toddlers to become familiar with books. Board books are made of sturdy cardboard that are virtually chew-proof. Toddlers can easily carry these books around and this makes learning to appreciate books and reading easy for parents and early childhood teachers and caregivers to bring reading into the infant/toddler world.

Favorite children's author Jan Brett has a new and very colorful edition of the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the form of a board book. Brett's brightly colored illustrations are highly detailed in this edition. Brett always researches the costumes and architecture of a country for her stories and the illustrations for her new edition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears demonstrate her talent for authenticity in the colorful costumes that Goldilocks is wearing and the type of house that the three bears live in. Young children will be engaged in each page with the detailed illustrations. There are a few surprises on each page in the illustrations.

Brett's new edition of this classic is recommended for ages 1-3. It was published by G P Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin/random House. It has an ISBN of 9781984816818.

Enjoy introducing your infant/toddler to this favorite classic in a form that they can hold and "read" for themselves.

Family Reading Time Is Making a Come-Back in This Unprecedented Time

Family reading time during our stay- at- home quarantine in this unprecedented time that we are now living in will no doubt make a come-back. Board books are a great way to include infants/toddlers in reading time. Board books are made of sturdy cardboard and are virtually indestructible. Toddlers can carry these books around to give them a sense of ownership. Pages are easy to turn if a book comes in board book form. Classic literature such as Jan Brett's new edition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a great choice for introducing infants/toddlers to the world of reading.

*Lap time is reading time for infants and toddlers. Cuddling with this classic brings parents and children closer. Give the toddler the opportunity to hold the book while reading.

*Introduce Goldilocks to your young child. Call attention to her interesting and authentic dress in Brett's new edition. Name the colors in Goldilock's dress. Point to the colors in her dress. Point to the printed text as you read. This introduces the infant/toddler to the concept that the words on the page are related to language.

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*Introduce your intant/toddler to the three bears. Point to each as you name Father, Mother, and Baby Bear. Call attention to the size differences in the bears.

*Collect a group of teddy bears to enhance the reading experience. Bring a small bear, a medium-sized teddy bear, and a large teddy bear to your story time. Arrange the bears in order of size. Give the child an opportunity to hold the bears while reading.

*Collect three sizes of bowls for the bears. Arrange the bowls in front of the bears. Call attention to the sizes. This can be an introduction to a math skill in sorting according to size.

*Add some dramatic reading to the story and change your voice to sound like Father Bear, Mama Bear, and a teeny tiny voice for Baby Bear.

Classic Illustrations with Some Surprises in Authenticity

Brett's new edition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears offers very detailed and colorful illustrations. She paints a few surprises into her illustrations. The porridge is made with added ingredients of roasted nuts, honey, and berries.

This classic story originated in England. Brett's illustrations are painted with this in mind. The three bears live in an old English country house made with stones. Bring in some stones for a tactile expereince for infants/toddlers while reading.

*English pottery was known for beautiful designs. Call attention to the bear designs on the bowls of porridge.

*Goldilocks is dressed in authentic old British dress. Her costume is beautifully painted in this edition.

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