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Christmas Tale With Adventures, Elves, Discovery of Santa as a Boy, and Important Life Lessons

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Christmas Tale With Awesome Adventures and Life Lessons, Elves Included


Imagining Santa as a Boy in Adventurous Christmas Tale

Matt Haig's A Boy Called Christmas is a wonderfully imaginative Christmas tale with extraordinary adventures, elves, and some important life lessons. He is especially excited that this story has been created as a Netflix film. Young readers will want to read the book before seeing the film. This story is certain to be a favorite for many years to come.

Nikolas lives with his father in a very small house in Finland. They are poor and Nikolas has only received one toy in his entire life. He cherishes this toy doll as his only toy. His father works very hard as a woodcutter to provide as much as he can for his son and himself. Nikolas lost his mother in a strange accident involving a bear. They receive a visit from a hunter one night. This hunter has a request for Nikolas' dad to do a special favor for the king. Nikolas' dad must go on a long journey to find the elf village. If he is successful in locating this village, he will receive a large monetary reward. This money would change life forever with the reward money. Dad accepts the request and sets off with the hunter to find Elfhelm.

Nick's aunt comes to stay with him in his father's absence. She is old and crochety, and Nick soon realizes that he must set off to find his dad rather than stay with his aunt. The adventures begin when he and his mouse friend set off to find his dad. A reindeer named Blitzen becomes part of the adventure. Nick learns several life lessons through his travels to find the elf village and his dad. He learns that you cannot see something if you do not believe. The lessons of hope, making wishes come true, and the power of goodness are all part of the story. I found this book to be a page-turner to discover whether Nick found his dad and the elf village. The story is highly engaging and adults will also enjoy this book. Both parents and children will want to add A Boy Named Christmas to their reading traditions each holiday season for years to come.

Chris Mould contributed his talents to A Boy Named Christmas with delightfully creative black and white illustrations.

A Boy Named Christmas was published by Yearling Publishing and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-37781-9.

Wonderfully Creative Black and White Illustrations

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Matt Haig Is Excited That His Book Is Now a Netflix Film

Bring A Boy Called Christmas Into the Classroom for Holiday Reading and Creative Writing Activities

Teachers who teach reading and creative writing for ages 8-12 will want to add Matt Haig's A Boy Called Christmas to their classroom library. This engaging holiday story provides a wealth of material for story discussions, creative writing activities, and engaging reading. A Boy Called Christmas is a chapter book to be read in several sessions or assigned for individual reading for students to share after reading. Students will enjoy reading a chapter or two each day during the holiday season to share a group reading experience. Reading aloud to classmates provides the opportunity to improve reading skills. Students can also practive dramatic reading skills when reading aloud to classmates.

*Engage students in a discussion about Nicolas' dad decision to accept the request from the king to find the elves for a large monetary reward. Take a class poll of the number of students who would have accepted this request and try to earn the large monetary reward.

*Engage students in a class discussion of making wishes come true. Take a class poll of how many students accept the idea that you must see something in order to believe.

*Assign a creative writing activity to provide the opportunity for students to write their ideas about encountering elves. What kind of adventures would they have if they encountered elves?

*Assign a creative writing experience for students to write about how they would help the elves with their problems and save Christmas happiness.

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