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Christmas Is Coming in a Picture Book That Gets Young Readers in the Holiday Spirit

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Christmas Will be Here Soon

Christmas is fast approaching

Christmas is fast approaching

The Holiday Season Is Coming

Children's Christmas books have always been my favorite tool for getting young readers ready for the holidays. D.J. Steinberg's Christmas, Here I Come! is a fun read with beautiful illustrations to engage young readers in preparations for the coming holiday season. The text is filled with all kinds of ideas for getting ready for Christmas. It's time to get the box of ornaments out to decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas is a time for making gingerbread houses and even a gingerbread skyscraper. Children will also be getting ready to write their letter to Santa. The Christmas letter to Santa in the story is especially one of interest in that Bobby asks for no more hunger and peace on earth. He concludes his letter with the request that if these things are impossible for Santa to bring, he will settle for a zombie racer. One child wonders if the elf school would be a good place to go to school until Mom and Dad tell him that it is 40 below in the temperature at the North Pole. How about putting out broccoli for Santa instead of cookies? Bobby decides that this is a good idea because he does not want to waste food at his house. At long last, it is time to open the gifts and eat Christmas dinner. This delightful story is written in rhyming text. Laurie Stansfield contributed her talents as an illustrator to create adorable illustrations of all the preparations that are necessary for getting ready for Christmas.

Christmas, Here I Come! was published by Grosset&Dunlap, a division of Penguin/Random House. It is recommended for ages 4-8 and has an ISBN of 978-0-593-09424-2.

Delightful Illustrations Tell the Preparations for the Coming Christmas Holiday

Will you have snow this year?

Will you have snow this year?


Bring Christmas Preparations Into the Classroom With Christmas, Here I Come!

Teachers know that as soon as Halloween is over, it is basically time for children to start thinking about Christmas because all of the stores have put out Christmas items and decorations. Why not just give in to the excitement and bring some fun picture books into the classroom for children to read and engage in some fun activities that combine learning with the holidays? Christmas books for children in my classroom were great sources to use for the holiday season.

D.J. Steinberg's Christmas, Here I Come! is a delightful book to use in the classroom. The rhyming text is a fun read to teach language skills in recognizing rhyming words.

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*Read Christmas, Here I Come! in a story time session. Call attention to rhyming words.

*Prepare an art activity for children to begin making ornaments for the tree.

*Prepare a cooking activity for children to make individual gingerbread houses. Use small milk boxes, icing, candy pieces, and gum drops for the houses.

*Prepare art materials in the block center for children to build a gingerbread skyscraper as depicted in the story.

*Assign a creative writing activity for children to write a letter to Santa.

*The book contains a part of the text that mentions Santa Claus around the world. Researching how Santa is portrayed in other countries is an interesting project for older students.

*Assign a creative writing project for children to write their ideas about what it would be like to attend Elf School as described in the story.

*Prepare an art activity for children to make a gift for their parents.

*Engage students in a discussion about preparations that their family makes for the coming Christmas season.

*Christmas dinner is a part of Christmas, Here I Come! for the final activity. Engage children in a discussion of special dishes that their family prepares for the holiday.

*Prepare a special snack treat and invite parents to visit the classroom.

Family Traditions for Christmas Preparations

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