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Christmas Is A Fun Time Of Year
So Full Of Life
So Full Of Cheer
So Festive With All The Lights
Yule Logs Burning On Those Cold Nights
I Get Presents For Everyone
So Much Shopping
I Have So Much Fun
I Even Get Gifts For Myself
Put Them Under The Tree
From The Elf On The Shelf
I Display Him Proudly
With Pranks And Hijinks
Made Ten Times Funnier
When Everyone Drinks
Spiced Up Eggnog Is The Holiday Staple
Shortbread Cookies And A Few Sugar Maple
So Many Snacks, You Have To Watch Your Waist Line
At Least I Do, I Have To For Mine
A Huge Sweet Tooth Is A Curse And A Blessing
Eating Them All Can Have Anyone Guessing
How Much Holiday Weight Will Be Added This Year
Its All Part Of Christmas So Its Best To Adhere
To Only One Of Each, Ok Maybe Two
Nevermind, Fuck It, Have More Than A Few
Not Before Dinner Though, Don't Spoil Your Meal
After That Hard Work, How Would The Cooks Feel?
Family Sharing The Holidays Together
Some Driving For Hours And Braving Bad Weather
To Be With Loved Ones On This Special Time
Kids Jacked With Sugar, The Walls They Will Climb
Drunk Relatives Acting A Fool
Stupid Drunk But Still Thinking They're Cool
Just Roll Your Eyes And Refill Their Drinks
They'll Pass Out Soon And Catch A Few Winks
What Gifts Do We Get After All These Talks
Stuff You'll Need, Like Underwear And Socks
Sweaters And Books And Tools For The Cooks
Big Boxes Left Will Surely Taunt
Could It Be The Things That I Actually Want
Things I Have Asked For, Things I Desire
It Leaves Me Pondering While I Sit By The Fire
While Others Talk And Unwrap Their Stuff
Waiting Was Always So Damn Rough
Its Not About Stuff, So I'm Thankful For All
Its About Family And Love
And Of Course Alcohol
I Sit Back And Enjoy The Season Of Scents
Cinnamon And Eggnog, Turkey And Pie
They Smell So Good You Cant Deny
They Make You Drool At Just The Thought
You Want To Sneak Another Plate But You Forgot
How Full You Are From The Big Feast
Anymore And Your Waist Line Will Be Increased
Sit Back And Digest And Enjoy The Night
Rest My Eyes For A Minute
To Block Out The Light
Inside My Head I Count Two Damn Sheep
Before I Know It. Guess Whos Asleep
This Whole Story Sounds Like Bliss
Who Can Relate To A Christmas Like This?

© 2020 Mike

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