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Christian Longo 7: The Murders - the Aftermath Chapter 7

Chuck Fasst is a concerned author who has become enlightened to the nationwide spread of Narcissism in our world. These are dangerous times.

Bodies into the bay - then dollies into the dumpster

This is the dumpster where the Longo family memories were laid to rest

This is the dumpster where the Longo family memories were laid to rest

Chapter 7: The Longo Story Continues - My Story Begins

It was a week before Christmas 2001 and the Nation was still reeling from 9/11 when Christian Michael Longo Murdered his wife Mary Jane and three small children, Zachary, Sadie and Madison.

The story surrounding these murders is so magnanimous that one accounting would not be near enough. Congratulations if you have stayed with this account up until now. It would be much appreciated if you would leave a comment below and let us know you stuck it out to the end.

This story is based upon an actual case. It was the real deal. For publishing reasons names had been changed to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. The story was written in the creative non-fiction style as pioneered by Truman Capote when he wrote In Cold Blood. This was a particularly heinous crime carried out by two ex-cons.

They murdered an entire family in a farmhouse in the country. Truman spent quite some time getting to know the perpetrators in an attempt to think like them and write the story novel style.

However there was a caveat to that. Capote went on to say something to the effect that "... Once you look long into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you."

I think I fully understand the meaning of that and that is probably the biggest reason why I finally put this story to bed all those years ago.

Truman Capote's Genre Changing Book

He Wrote With Pencil in All Caps, Utilizing Every Square Inch of Paper

This is the first thing Longo wrote after his murder conviction

This is the first thing Longo wrote after his murder conviction

The full story will include the valiant fight Mary Jo’s family put up to see to Chris’ conviction including a particular dressing down delivered to Chris during his trial sentencing by one sister we will call Penny. It will include the ensuing lawsuit filed by her.

Not long after Chris entered Death Row, a certain young lady came a calling. We will call her Sheena. As so often happens in the cases of narcissistic killers – they attract the attention of the opposite sex even behind bars. Chris’ case is no different. He has received correspondence from quite a number of crackpots. He does not answer these. Also he refuses all media contacts. Some might consider this unusual for narcissists who generally tend to shoot their mouths off. However his silence may be masking another agenda. Back to Sheena.

Sheena is a young lady close to the same age as Chris. Evidently she stood out among all the others and Chris chose to bring her into his confidence. And so began another jailbird relationship as is so common in prisons all across this nation. These women who are attracted to killers behind bars are a peculiar breed. In fact has written a special article on that subject. Sheena became his “media representative.” Chris put her in charge of all his correspondence and proceeded to write her letters on a daily basis. She proceeded to visit him twice a week on a regular basis.

Future writings will include more details concerning Chris’ mesmerizing personality, how it was developed, how it became narcissistically disordered and how he continues to use his so called “presentation” to get what he wants even as he remains behind bars. It will include details of how a naïve young woman comes to contact a convicted murderer out of curiosity and some kind of need to understand. It will include how, over time what I call a narcissistic dyad comes into existence. This is the strange relationship involving the narcissist and its victim that invariably leads to life altering events. The narcissist is very subtle and clever as it gradually asserts control over the intended victim. They are diabolically effective at this and the victim is more often than not, barely cognizant of what is happening to them.

Note: At the time of this writing (2003), I could not have known that a movie would be coming out twelve years later which seems to demonstrate this very thing. I will have to view this movie and see if indeed that entire movie just might be centered around this narcissistic dyad I speak of.


What Longo wouldn't give for a Happy Meal now?

Longos dined here at the end of their bizarre  roadtrip

Longos dined here at the end of their bizarre roadtrip

Included in those daily letters to Sheena was a written account of his life – or shall we say, his version of it. He has presented another version of the murders that is yet different than the version he presented in court testimony. This version also pins the blame on Mary Jo, of course. He goes on to claim that she was inspired by a TV news report involving Andrea Yates that she viewed in their home back in Ypsilanti, back before Chris embarked the family on his journey of death. Interestingly, Andrea Yates has made the news again. Her convictions of murdering all of her children have been overturned. It has to do with testimony concerning a TV show that supposedly might have influenced her to murder. Interesting!

So, Andrea will get her retrial as Chris sits in his jail cell waiting for his first appeal to be heard. No sweat though, Chris always finds things to keep him occupied, such as typing up legal papers for the “baldies” as he calls the other Death Row inmates. He says they are all bald with hairy backs. Then he has little Sheena. She has amassed quite a portfolio on him over time. She has all his letters and drawings. She has devoted quite a lot of effort and expense helping with his appeal and doing legal followup work for him. Of course she also gives him money, like they all do. She sees herself as a concerned citizen who is doing what she needs to do on his behalf. She may not be aware that she could be becoming his dupe, nothing more than a tool to enable him to continue his narcissistic pursuits – basically his conduit to the outside world.

Note: Indeed much has happened. There is more to be said about Andrea Yates as well as the one I call Sheena. I can't help but wonder if she is the one that Christian Longo later married. That might take some digging. Perhaps I will include something about Longo's correspondence with "The Happy Face Killer."

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Sheena may not be aware that the prison officials refer to her as simply his “girlfriend,” no different than any of the others who come to visit. Although, I believe she is very much aware of her role in getting his life story out there. There is only one way he can get his story out and that is through her. In the beginning she claimed to have no desire in writing his story but that may have changed.

Who is to say what his psychopathic mind is really up to but it appears that he has succeeded in getting prison officials running in circles trying to figure him out. They feel he is trying to sneak out his story so he can derive profits from it. He has written plenty. That may very well be the case. Chris is not a bad writer but nowhere near good enough to pull off a book. But is he seeking help? Does he have Sheena out there making deals? We don’t know yet. But we might soon?

I received a phone call one day - and set up a meeting

"One day, the Justice Dep't. came a calling." In the future, the next chapter will relate why they came to see me and what they wanted from me.

For those of us who believed that there are laws preventing killers from profiting from their stories, be advised that, that is not the case in a number of states. And Oregon is one of them. Enter Penny.

Penny's foresight was right on target, considering the movie

The Justice Dep't opened my eyes on details included here

The Justice Dep't opened my eyes on details included here

Christian Longo Saga Chapters

The Longo Movie Released at Sundance 2015

Did You Watch The Movie?

© 2015 Chuck Fasst


Chuck Fasst (author) from Portland, Oregon on October 31, 2017:

It was easier for me to research (well, in a way), living nearer to where it all happened. At the time I was working on it, I did not fully understand just how rare this story is. These kinds of murders are very rare. In fact I had an East Coast publishing company talking to me about re-writing this for book publication. I am totally remiss in getting back to them. I just don't think I can go any further with all of this.

In the intervening years my life has just been sucked down into murky bowels of hell. I got dragged back down into the Narcissist World with all of the evil and bad luck. I can't forget those words of Truman Capote about looking too long over the edge into that Abyss. You know, a Narcissist can infect another human being. They can destroy them psychologically - they do not have to deliver the killing blow. This way the victim suffers much more. I am too busy trying to maintain my sanity

... and my safety.

I was just knocked out the other night by another who was infected by this same creature I was involved with. These freaks of nature seem to spew out their spores to others who come too close to them. People become infected and they don't know it. But pieces and parts of the Narcissist will remain within them for a good long time, in one form or another.

That is another reason why I am reluctant to pick back up on this story. The thought of going down into that prison where he currently lives ... well, let's just say that where I have been in just the last few years has left me with a strong and healthy distrust of authority figures. And there is no telling which one of those jailers who may be under some form of control by Longo's strange powers to some degree or another. I just don't want to find out.

Suzie from Carson City on August 01, 2015:

With each chapter I read, it all began to come back to me, but certainly not the details. Had I known how fascinating and complex this tale was, at the time, knowing myself, I'd have researched in depth. I appreciate that you have done the work for me!

Chuck Fasst (author) from Portland, Oregon on August 01, 2015:

Yes, somebody like 48 hours did a documentary on the story. And one of the other networks did one too, I think.

Suzie from Carson City on July 31, 2015:

I will be getting my hands on every book written about this case.....I have not seen the movie....I love James Franco (a fabulous actor)

The trailer reminded me that I do recall reading the story about the man who had posed as the newspaper reporter....OR, again it may have been a documentary I saw.....

Your rendition is absolutely hypnotic....I can't stop reading.

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