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Christian Joke - When God Need a Donkey and Others Stories

Esrom Aritonang enjoys reading and sharing funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking quotes.

Here some brilliant and funnies jokes that makes me laughing. I hope you laughing too, and make you more respect the faith. The moral of this Christian jokes is never underestimate faith of others people unless you put egg in your face; or like the moral story of when Jesus need a donkey . I hope God bless you with joy of this joke and He laughs with you.

Please share this funny Christian jokes with your family, friend, colleague, and others. God bless good jokes!

Jesus laughs with you everyday

Jesus laughs with you everyday

Pope loves Good Haircut - Christian Joke

An old farmer was saving his money for years because he wishes to meet with the Pope. Before he is flight to Italy, he went to barbershop to cut his hair. After listen to his plan to flight to Italy, the barber looks cynical and laughing.

“What is your flight to Italy?” the Barber asking him.

“I flight with Italian Airline.”

“No,” replied the barber, “Don’t do that, their services is poor. You will hate it,” said the Barber.

“By the way, why you are going to Italy?” asked the Barber again.

“I am going to meet the Pope,” the old farmer answer.

“Ha, ha, ha..!” the Barber laughing hard. “You don’t realize who you are, do you? You are not important people,” said the Barber.

One month later the old farmer returned from Italy and visiting the Barber.

He said to the Barber: “I flight with Italian Airline and services are excellence. I also got nice hotel and best room in Rome. The most grateful things, I meet with the Pope and have good private chat with him. At the end of our warm meeting, I also kiss his ring,” said the farmer with big smile.

“Wow, are you really kiss his ring? Then what the Pope says?” the Barber asking him again.

With big smile the old farmer said, “The pope was looking at me and said: ‘where are you cut your hair? It is looks so ugly.”

Jesus sitting with Donkey

Jesus sitting with Donkey

When God need a donkey

An old Bishop was sharing his experience in the front of young theological scholar and pastor. He told his meaningful experience and especially the precious moment when he fully gave his life to serve God.

The old bishop then ask a young pastor to share why he decide to serve the God.

The young pastor smiles and answered with big confidence. “Hmm. it is easy. What is I know is that God needs me.”

The old bishop silence for awhile then said, “That was very admirable, young man! As long as I know there was only one time in the Bible that Jesus ever said that He need one thing. In Luke 19:34 when Jesus entry into the Jerusalem, Jesus said that He needs a donkey.”

Pray before you eat

Pray before you eat

Pray like Good Farmer

There was a good Christian farmer who went to a big city. He enters a restaurant and sits down near to some young men. After his lunch deliver, he bow his head and start to pray.

One of young men would like to make a joke about this farmer and young man speak with loud voice, “Wow, old man, is it in your place all people will praying before they eat?”

The good farmer smile and looking at him and said, “Oh, no son, pigs in my farm did not pray before they eat.”

Sister bandages leprosy

Sister bandages leprosy

More than the Money

One day an American tourist was sightseeing in the Calcutta city, India. He visits a medical clinic where a nurse was bandaging ulcers of leprosy. The tourist can’t stand to see the disgusting ulcers.

He went away while detain vomit and said, “Sister, I will not do that even though they pay me with one million dollars.”

Without hesitation and did not even glance toward the tourist, the sister said, “Neither do I. I will not do this.”

The tourist was shocked to hear the answer and asking again, “So, how much they pay you?”

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