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Christ in Double


Christ in Double

Remember the one and only Jesus Christ?

Christmas and Easter are both about Christ

No Matter what and how are said

It’s not only about the importance of Jesus

It’s about the respect for only one and only Jesus

No matter where you are from

We should care for anyone, anywhere, everywhere

Two holidays are globally important

We all should remain silent for Christ sake

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Christ paid the price for all of us on earth

That's why we have to change for better

Without Christ, there are less in friends and more in becoming enemies

So let everyone reverse it and becoming friends that becoming enemies

We are all sinners but we can do better for ourselves then everyone

That’s why we ourselves should be close like Christ

I wish the limitations when is COVID-19 in both variants and sub-variants of the pandemic will end. I should do feel like it is too much already. I do mean as my request to the earth to pre-end the pandemic, in fact end it as it will immediately as of 12/6/2022. We all should take upon ourselves to TAKE ACTION. Yes. TAKE ACTION in for our only savior Jesus Christ. From our family members and others who do not know others should both make it a request to care.

That’s why this set of the poem is important so you know.

Christmas and Easter are Christ

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Which holidays do you want to change for better
    • Christmas Day
    • Easter Day
    • Both Christmas and Easter
    • None

Answer Key

  1. Christmas Day

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