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Listen to Your Heart for a True Love

Listen to Your Heart

Choose the man--- whose hungry eyes make love to you

with silent words,

As they slowly feast and caress leaving love trails so titillating,

it is unheard.

Choose the man---whose dexterous mouth moves to

taste the porcelain skin,

But teasingly draws back------ again and again.

Choose the man---whose strong hands are methodical and sure,

Receiving his precious gifts of loving pleasures is for the lucky one

to endure.

Right for You


Choose the Man Who is Right


Love Song

Choose the man---who chose you---- before everything and any other,

You want a lover, not a friend, and not a brother.

Choose the man---whose heart is unchained and

true to thee,

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Who will treasure your love as a rare gift it is to be.

Choose the man---whose eyes never roam, but can

appreciate other beauty,

To always be faithful---- is a lover’s duty.

Choose the man---who will never change with growing old,

Who will never leave you feeling loveless and cold.

Choose the man---Whose hand will always be at the

small of your back, leading you through a crowd,

His sweet words are forever soft and tender, never loud.

Choose the man---Who loves you beyond sharing years

together without any doubt,

His love for you---from the highest mountain—he will shout.

Choose the man---who is not second best,

The true winner of your love, because he is better than the richest of the rest.

Community of Native Americans

Community of Native Americans

Choose a Woman Who is Right for You

Choose a Woman,--------who will love you for who you are,

and not issue corrections,

But will cherish all your ways and imperfections.

Choose a Woman,--------whose daily attitude is positive and bright,

For loves grows with sweet nectar, not a deplorable fight.

Choose a Woman,--------who is charming, considerate and kind,

Her passionate kisses will always blow your mind.

Choose a Woman,--------who understands when you are late,

She greets you with a ready smile, not a debate.

Choose a Woman,--------who thinks of others first,

She is down to earth real, and not rehearsed.

Choose a Woman,--------who is emotionally secure,

No jealousies to endure.

Choose a Woman,--------who is your equal and honorable mate,

Whose life choices are not left up to fate?

Choose a Woman,--------who a great mother she will be,

Not one who wishes she was free.

Choose a Woman,--------who can disagree in a polite way,

Don’t select one who will not speak for a day.

Choose a Woman,--------whose urgent desires of making

love is equal to yours,

Not one who had rather do her household chores.

Choose a Woman,--------Who’s God you share,

One the Angels will declare.

Choose a Woman,--------Who is a Lady,

And this I do not mean--maybe!

No More Sorrow

The angry North winds blew all evidence of a thriving village away,

No prints in the dirt of children who ran each day to play.

Only the tall grass that grew in the wilderness hid the broken pottery left behind,

There was no evidence of anyone who lived there in the teepees or from the pottery who dined.

Many today have walked the hillside where Buffalo once fed,

The greedy Buffalo Hunters shot them all dead.

Once a thriving village with families, love and a peaceful life was shared,

Then came the soldiers who broke up villages and now the silence was bared.

Many happy years were spent around their cook pots with its smoke swirling in the breeze,

Now in their happy hunting grounds they sit and talk with ease.

No evil would touch them here where the White Buffalo roams,

They are finally happy again in their peaceful homes.

Love, Marriage and Anniversaries

Many experienced “Love at First Sight,”

Some even said---“ I Do”---to make it right.

Then the years fly by---like many birds soaring---in the sky,

Leaving the youthful days of long ago; now memories

as the seniors wondered why?.

Anniversaries come around often to be celebrated,

But not true for the ones who hesitated.

Love, marriages, anniversaries and babies come early on,

Soon replaced by stiff joints and gray hair---then youth is gone.

But the seed of life,

Germinated with the living and loving as husband and wife.

Hearing the words Mama and Dad,

As the babies grow---makes parents very glad.

But the most precious words as we all age,

While one reads to small children from a storybook page.

These words are Granny and Grandpa---so precious to our ears,

It warms our hearts and leaves us in tears.

So all the wrinkles do not matter,

As we hold our grandchildren and listen to their happy chatter.

Babysitting is our treat and great pleasure,

Our love for them---one cannot measure.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2012 Barbara Purvis Hunter


Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on March 25, 2017:

Hi Dear Chitangada Sharan,

I am so happy to see you again. We all need beautiful thoughts--and to stay positive in life as we travel through all that humans experience in their lifetime.

I hope all is well with you.

Your Hub Friend,

Bobbi Purvis

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 24, 2017:

Came back to read your wonderful hub! I believe every man and woman must read it. We must choose wisely! Beautiful thoughts even for the later part of our lives.

I hope you are doing fine! Have a blessed day!

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on August 06, 2013:

Hi Gypsy Rose Lee,

Thanks for the visit and kind words. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Bobbi Purvis

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on August 06, 2013:

Enjoyed. A wonderful poetic journey

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on August 05, 2013:

Hi ChitrangadaSharan,

Thanks for your visit and such kind words. It is nice to hear from India and I hope all is well with you and yours,

Have a great week.

Bobbi Purvis

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on August 05, 2013:

Very nice poem!

Such nice words to describe the prospective man or woman, we all want as our life partner.

Thanks for sharing!

Richard Ricky Hale from West Virginia on February 09, 2012:

Voted up and all across but funny. Creative writing at its best. So very true. I agree with your view on men and women in your articles. I really commend you for standing by them like you do. VERY USEFUL WORDS BOBBI.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on February 02, 2012:


I am so glad you are back with us. Your comments helps us all. I will catch up on reading your beautiful hubs. You have the greatest year of all this beautiful 2012.

I wish you and yours the best year of your lives.

Your Hub Friend,


Joseph De Cross from New York on February 01, 2012:

Catching up with you Bobbi!

After 2 weeks away from HP had to go back and respond to my followers and I'm here now. Right! You said wise words, coming from a woman. The thing is, some won't fint into a healthy description or wishful thought. men and women look for the same goals summed up in one word: happiness, whether physically or mentally. Thanks for this hub! Hope it helps many readers. Nice new picture Youg lady!


Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on February 01, 2012:


I just read a wise man words---but if the man is meant for you, he will not want another.I believe it is not true that most men are unfaithful, because they have a heart too.

Thanks for stopping by, and I like your comments--keep commenting--it is helpful.



Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on February 01, 2012:

Choose the man, and the choice may need to be made quickly (once you find him) for that fellow will be the one every otherwise woman will be trying to captivate, too. You do specify that he will be forever true, but forever true to who? Don't rush, but hurry (once you are sure you have found him.) Then? Be all the things you expect him to be.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on January 31, 2012:


Thank you so much, your comment made my morning, it was so kind. Your reply is one of the best I have received, thank you so much.


cleaner3 from Pueblo, Colorado on January 31, 2012:

Bobbi,I am a man and I think your poetry is awesome...

This is truly how a woman would write to a young girl in order to give her wisdom that she has experienced.

I love it.!!!

Your words are great

and your poetry rhymes

without the hate

A woman like you

is very rare

she knows how

to make a man care.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on January 31, 2012:

Injury lamb,

Thank you for stopping by and reading my hub. And thank you for your comment.Please stop by again--any time.


Injured lamb on January 31, 2012:

Thanks for this thought provoking hub of yours PurvisBobbi44, indeed, a true winner of our love is better than the richest of the rest...cheers!

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