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Children's Book Covers


Children`s Book Covers

I brought this book because , for many years now, I have been interested in collecting children`s books. I am particularly interested in older books for children rather than modern ones. So when I saw this book for sale at a local used book shop I decided to buy it. I was not disappointed with my purchase because I have learned a lot from it.

About the book

This very interesting reference book gives the reader lots of really useful information about children`s books. It is a delight in itself both to read, and to look through. On each page there are written text ,and several pictures of relevant titles including images of rare first editions.

The text includes information on Authors and Publishers with a bit of history about each. The book is divided into chapters which take us from the beginning of children`s book publishing until the end of the Twentieth Century. There are over four hundred books featured with a lovely image of each book on the same page as the information.

This book is very easy to follow and to learn from because, near each image there is a small paragraph of information relating to that book. The information given includes the title , the author`s name and years of their life, publishers name, the year the book was published and even the size of the original book..

There is also information about the illustrator of each book and when it comes to children`s books, the illustrators are just as important as the author.

Children`s books through the ages

As I stated in the previous paragraph, this book takes us through the ages of book publication from the early days until modern times. So by reading this book we get to also learn about books through history. It explains how book production and printing techniques changed throughout the centuries . As new technologies were discovered in other areas of printing, children`s book production went through many changes. From very basic books in the past to the modern colourful and exciting looking books that modern children read today. As new dyes, colours and paper production methods were introduced, the overall appearance of the books changed dramatically although the overall concept of a book stayed the same.

We also learn that book styles and designs are very seriously influenced by the fashions of the day and also by what is going on in the wider world.

A trip down memory lane

Just looking through this book was enough to take me back to my childhood. There are many titles in the book that I had not heard of , but there were dozens more that reminded me of the books that I read as a child. Just seeing pictures of these books brought a smile to my face along with some lovely memories.

Not a price guide

Many books of this collecting genre are actually price guides, but I would like to point out that `children`s book covers ' does not include any sort of prices or values. In a way this is for the best because this book was printed over a decade ago and since then the prices and values of the books will have changed.

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Like anything else in the collecting world, book prices will go up or down depending on the trends at the time.

Useful Information

Children`s book covers , written by Alan Powers in 2003, and published by Mitchell Beazley.

It is a hardback book with 144 pages

ISBN; 978-1840006933

About the author

Alan Powers has written many books , his subjects include; Book design,

History, Art, Famous artists and authors, Architecture, Textiles, Design, and he has even written for the National Trust.

I had not heard of Alan Powers or read any of his books before I brought Children`s book covers. As I was so impressed with this book I will be looking out for his books in the future.

Reference books versus the internet

I have a good collection of reference books on lots of different subjects in my bookcase. There is nothing more rewarding, in my opinion, than finding out a new piece of information from a book. I enjoy looking through the book for the information that I require , `collecting children`s books' is one of my favourite reference books because I always learn something new whenever I look through it.

However there are many people who think that this sort of book has had it`s day because now we have the internet, things have changed. We can now find out any information we want twenty four hours a day just by doing an internet search. But for me, this does not replace the experience of finding something out from a delightful book.

Books or Internet

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