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Avengelica II

author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

The secret lurking in Avangleica's rare pearls was glorious!

The secret lurking in Avangleica's rare pearls was glorious!

Avangelica Pleaded Kalvin

Kalvin was intrigued with Avangelica! He wanted to hear the stories of the famous celebrities who had hired her to design pearl dresses in the new world. The more she talked about her pearly dresses; she couldn't believe she had lost contact with her friends. She pleaded Kalvin to take her back to the land of dire, the land that was full of issues, where people lived no more than the love burning in their heart.

Though many of her close friends had passed. She knew the ones who remained would love to visit her glorious Isle. And, if they came over they would have a chance of living in peace, love and harmony.

Kalvin said he could not bring her thither since they were not wedded. Therefore, he decided to speak to Avangelica's dad to ask him his daughter's hand in holy matrimony. They came down from the pearl castle to ask her dad to allow them to marry.

At first, Avangelica's dad refused. Because he terribly missed her mother. He believed she was a child of god sent from heaven.

He wanted Avangelica to carry the family to the new realm of life. If her mother found out she left thre house, she would be back to take her away to heaven. Their Isle of precious stones was too good for Avangelica. Her mother decided she must take the best of what was left of peace and love; without interference from pirate ships or extraordinary people travelling to their Isle.

Avangelica Discovers a Way Out

When Avangelica remembered her mom, she understood and accepted the pearl Isle was just a temporary place for her. Her daddy was paying lip service to his Lord and master and living his best life. She hadn't visited her mama since she was a child, and this was over three thousand years ago according to pearl years. She figured the pearls of her Isle held another dear secret from her family. One she was not ready to discover.

Kalvin's kiss made her think about her mom even more. And she dearly missed her, now that he wanted to marry soon. Would Avangelica be able to carry on until the appointed time of her marriage?

Her mother was an angel from on high that lived with a heavenly host. Kalvin had heard rumors and knew what had happened in her family eons ago, the reason they split up. He refused to tell her the story.

There was no way to have Avangelica's mother to ever leave her precious daughter again. When they finally tied the knot, she had important assignments from her Lord in heaven.

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No one wanted Avangelica to know her parents had split up when she turned five years old of irreconcilable differences. Her dad was saddened over this; nonetheless, there was nothing he could do about it. The heavenly host had snatched Avangelica’s mom because they were bickering too much along the pearly grounds of their glorious Isle.

The charisma of Avangelica and the Pearl Castle was spell bounding!

The charisma of Avangelica and the Pearl Castle was spell bounding!

Avangelica Convinces Her Dad to Allow Her to Marry Kalvin

After a dire entreating, Avangelica's dad finally broke and allowed her to marry Kalvin despite the cost of losing her too. This meant Avangelica's mother might take her away to her heaven on high before she bore a baby. These sorts of activities were not allowed on her Isle made with precious stones, since her parents had broken up and divorced. This was an inescapable rule!

The day for the marriage was set for June twenty-ninth, a perfect summer day. Merely, by whispering a message to her diamond beach’s secret pearls, she summoned her best friends from Europe to attend her wedding. Those who could find their way to her Isle had a fairly good chance of living forever since they would be invited to stay forevermore.

The new law of the precious Isle would allow no one to ever marry again since Avangelica and Kalvin’s wedding would be the absolute last wedding. The guests who stayed to try their hand at living forever on the glorious Isle would not have an opportunity to marry someone they loved.

They would simply live their lives enjoying themselves and taking care of their colorful pearl dresses and making sure they did not lose one tiny pearl. If they lost a pearl, they would have to wait one hundred years for the precious Isle of ore to render another one that was the same color and texture as the darling pearl dress Avangelica had made.

The Wedding Day Approaches and Avangelica Bids Farewell

Kalvin was fine to know Avangelica would be taken on high to be with her angelic mother either the minute she became pregnant or before. He believed the beautiful dames who had bombarded his Isle would keep him entertained, whenever he played Polo. He knew he would never forget Avangelica. She was his first and only true love! He also understood he would be able to speak to Avangelica in his aspirations and dreams. He was lofty to know he could bring forth a child who would be part of the heavenly host from on high that would forever be with his mother and grandma.

The same way Avangelica came into Kalvin’s life would be the same way she exited, on the fly. She trusted her mother would allow Kalvin to meet the baby she conceived in matrimony one day, within a reasonable time frame. This was the new-found hope within Kalvin that kept him alive forevermore with joy, serenity, and peace.

The new ore-law of the fabulous Pearl Isle was -- no babies were allowed since everyone had to build gold houses for Avangelica's friends who lived in Europe. Her friends had to eventually discover their way there, and this would take an extremely long time.

Avangelica had made a sufficient amount of pearl gowns in the new world of simplicity to lure every person in Europe to her precious Isle. The secret lies in her authentic pearl dresses' would lead these wonderful folks to her unique place of everlasting happiness that would afford them an opportunity to live forever. These new families would need to find a new line of work though. They would have to discover how to preserve their precious Isle of youth with a splendid attitude and great work ethic or risk losing another glorious promise.

  • The Pearl Castle
    Avangelica, who lives in a house made of precious stones yearns to uncover the secret of its rare pearls. She has the audacity to venture off after pirate ships, and risks losing a glorious promise.

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