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Children Stories - A Fish on Land

A beautiful fiction story for children, co-written by my 6 years old daughter 'Saanvi Param Arora'

Dolphin Fish on Land

Dolphin Fish on Land

Once upon a time, there was little fish named ‘Dolphin’. She was unique, as she wanted to see the world on land.

One day she prayed to her GOD, to fulfill her desire. The next day, when she was wandering in the water, she saw a bright light. She started following it. Light pulled her to a lonely place and a voice came out of it; Dolphin, you wanted to see the land world. Yes, she said, but asked the light, who are you? Light answered I am your God. Your true prayers have brought me here.

3 Days To See Life on Land

God said I grant you 3 days to see the land and come back to your water. But if you stayed there for long, you will never come back. I am granting your wish with some special powers to stay safe on the land. Just close and reopen your eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she was on the land. Through God's blessings, she was empowered to become visible or invisible. She was also blessed with powers to speak or to become like humans. She was happy to be blessed with this opportunity.

Fish on Land

Fish on Land

Dolphin on Land

Dolphin was happy to be on land but didn't know where to go and what to do? She kept walking, observing beautiful things around her. She saw cars, trees, plants and she even went to restaurants to try human food. She had the power to create money or anything needed on the land world. She kept moving ahead and reached a place where many humans lived. She saw a little girl sitting on the sidelines of a road.

Dolphin was curious to know about the little girl. She asked the little girl, what’s your name? Carol, she replied. Why are you so sad and sitting on the sidelines of the road like this? She replied, today my father promised me a picnic but he had to go to the office for some work and mom also went to her office. Dolphin closed her eyes quickly to understand what is an office and a picnic. She said Carol don’t worry sometimes, mom and dad are too busy. See today my mom and dad are busy as well, so I am here talking to you. Would you be my friend? Of course, Carol said. Dolphin said can I tell you something? Carol said yes. Dolphin told her the complete story about herself. Carol didn't believe her at first but Dolphin showed the complete picture to Carol with her eyes closed. Dolphin asked Carol, would you like to come along and help me to see the land? I can make two Carols one can continue to stay in your house and one can see the land world with me. Carol first said I don’t believe you but then Dolphin magically created two Carols. Seeing this magic, Carol agreed to accompany Dolphin.

Dolphin and her Toy Friends

Dolphin asked Carol can you take me to only any one place, where I can stay for the next two days and know about the entire world? After a lot of thinking, Carol said let’s go to a big toy store. That’s a place where you can see the entire world in the form of toys and we both can have a lot of fun.

Both of them invisibly entered a toy store. It was night time and the store was about to close. Dolphin and Carol decided to stay in there and have fun with the toys. Dolphin suddenly said it’s not really fun playing with the toys that can’t even talk. and did magic to make all toys alive.

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All the toys, Carol and Dolphin became good friends. As time was passing by Dolphin was getting sad, as she knew that she will lose her friends soon. All the toys explained her about the land world one by one. There was a huge map that explained her geography, there were Pencils that told her about studies, there was a small cellphone that told her how humans use them and much more. Dolphin was able to see and understand the entire land world sitting in a toy store. She spent her entire 2nd day with the toy friends and thought that this is exactly what she wanted; to know the beauty of the land world in a playful manner and take back good memories of the land.

Dolphin and the Thieves in Toy Store

On the night of Day 2, Dolphin was sad as she knew she will be going back to the sea soon but she wanted to have a lot of fun with the toy friends. At night when she was talking to the toys, she heard chatters of two men talking in the back yard. They were discussing a plan to steal all toys. Hearing this, all toys and Carol got scared. But Dolphin knew she had powers to stop this. She made a plan with friends. The plan was to scare them away, by showing talking toys, when they enter the store. Soon thieves were inside the store. As they were moving inside, suddenly a spider toy fell on them and asked how are you, fellas? Want to take me away? Thieves got scared and pushed the spider away. They ran towards the other room, where a tiger toy was sitting. One thief said nothing to worry about, let’s pick this tiger first..suddenly TIGER jumped on Thief one and sat on him. Tiger asked, want to take me along fellas? Now thieves were really scared and started running here and there to save their lives. Suddenly Dolphin appeared in front of them in the form of a fish. Hahaha thieves, so you want to take toys away, just try it and I will swallow you both. Thieves got very scared and said hey Dolphin we are very sorry. Dolphin said I will allow you to run away, only if you promise me to stop stealing forever. One thief replied, we are sorry for this but we are not thieves, really! This is the first time we are trying this. Dolphin asked, but why? One of the thieves replied, it’s my son’s birthday tomorrow and I can’t afford a toy for him.

Dolphin closed her eyes and got to know that thieves were telling the truth. Dolphin asked again if you get toy gifts for your child, would you commit to never try this again?. Theives said yes we promise. Please let us go. Dolphin said gimme a minute. She spoke to Carol and both of them decided to accompany thieves as toys for the child. Dolphin and Carol became two little dolls and said, take us along. Thieves happily went back and one of the thieves gifted them to her daughter.

On the last day of land life, Dolphin and Carol gave all happiness to the little girl. It was finally time for Dolphin. Dolphin did the last magic and sent Carol back and left two little gifts in the form of a fish doll named 'Dolphin' and a girl doll named 'Carol'. Dolphin closed her eyes and opened, she was a fish in the sea again. She thanked God for letting her see the beautiful land world!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 BrillzLife by Param Arora


Davender Arora on June 24, 2020:

Amazing story....I can read this story endless time

BrillzLife by Param Arora (author) from New Delhi, India on June 22, 2020:

Thank you, Uriel. This is co-written by my 6-year-old daughter and it was her idea. This proves that children can give great ideas for children's stories. Thanks again.

Uriel Eliane from Toronto on June 22, 2020:

This is beautifully written! For some reason, I enjoy telling and reading children's stories. Thanks for this piece.

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