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Chase the Girl

About the Author


Anastasia McIntosh is a driven and motivated woman who has been inspired by many. Her new book, Chase The Girl inspired her to lead a life of service as a correctional officer for young people. Chase The Girl, is an erotic and compelling tale, about a young woman who must understand the difference between the real world and her world of disturbing hallucinations and visions.

Anastasia holds a Diploma in Police Foundations and a Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice with Distinction. Anastasia hopes to engage, motivate, inspire and teach her readers as they read through her first ‘mature audience' book.

Prior to becoming a correctional officer, you wrote Chase The Girl. Was the book influential in your desire to become a correctional officer?

I did, yes. I guess in a weird way my book did inspire me to become a correctional officer because my book talks about mental health issues and that’s exactly what corrections is- correcting behavior and that behavior could be based on a mental health issue that the person is living with.

Was working with young people your primary goal when you became a correctional officer?

Yes, it was. I realized throughout my college co-op degree program that working with young people was who I wanted to work with. I find that they are still willing, happy, and able to learn new things. As well, they can forget that they are in jail, and this sparks a potential good mood.

What is Chase The Girl all about?

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Chase The Girl is about a smart, wealthy yet troubled, young, professional woman named Alexia who wakes up on the floor in her grand home alone and embedded with a knife. She cannot remember how the knife ended up inside of her so she embarks on a journey of self-discovery to get the answers to the questions she has about her world full of wild swings and disturbing hallucinations. She hopes that deep passion, sex, and therapy can provide her with the answers to the truth of her world.

What would you say is the book’s underlying message?

My book’s underlying message is that mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed about and that they should be talked about. The other message is that anything is possible should you have the courage to pursue your burning desire/dreams, that success is one step after defeat, and that giving up is not an option. We must find the courage to pursue our appropriate desires without the fear of failure.

What type of reader would enjoy your book most?

I believe that anyone who likes the movies Girl Interrupted, Gone Girl, A Simple Favour, and Mr. And Mrs. Smith would take an interest in my book because my book has romance, mystery, action, cars, and is a bit of a thriller. I think that anyone who is interested in a romantic mystery with a bit of self-help and guidance in the book would enjoy my book as well.

At the moment, do you have any other projects in the works?

I do, yes. I am currently writing a second book to Chase The Girl as I’m hoping to create a series. I am also hoping to make my book Chase The Girl into a movie, and currently have two producers interested.

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