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Charlottes Web Book Review


About the Book

  • Author: E. B. White
  • Published: 1952
  • Publisher: A Puffin
  • Pages: 249
  • Illustrator: Garth Williams

About the book

The story begins when an 8 year old girl called Fern Arable begs her father, John, to save the runt of a litter of pigs. He was initially about to kill it, but she persuades him to let it live so she can raise him. She names the little piglet Wilbur and she treats him like her very own pet and bottle feeds him. But after 1 month she goes to live on her uncle's farm. Homer Zuckerman, her uncle, buys Wilbur and rears her with the geese and sheep. There's also a resident rat called Templeton. And, of course, the most important creature on the barn in Wilbur's life. Charlotte is a spider that has a web over the barn door. Wilbur and Charlotte become very good friends.

When Wilbur grows up, the goose learns that the Zuckerman's are fattening up Wilbur with the intention of slaughtering him for his meat. He gets very upset about this because obviously he doesn't want to die, afterall. So Charlotte hatches a plan to help save Wilbur from getting killed. She starts weaving her web with the words SOME PIG written in it. When Homer sees this he is, indeed stuns and tells his family about it. Then they notice the words TERRIFIC and RADIANT written in the web! As you can imagine, after this Wilbur becomes quite famous as everyone wants to see him! How can he end up on the dinner table now?


My Thoughts

Charlotte's Web is one of those books that children have been enjoying reading for 70 years. I know this book is aimed for children and I remember reading this as a child. But it brought back memories reading this. It's a lovely story about a pig who had a difficult start to life and it looks like his life is about to end in the same way. But because of the support he gets from the other animals on the farm, and especially Charlotte the spider, we see the pig grow up to be a happy pig.

There are several illustrations throughout the book which are drawn by Garth Williams. I like the pictures in the book as it helps you to visualize the animals, and also Fern who befriends the pigs. Just out of interest, Fern can talk to the animals too and she hears what they say. So this is interesting when she tells her Mother that the animals speak to her. I would say the main theme of the book is love, loyalty and friendship. Each chapter is quite short, so the story is easy to read. And the book I've got, the words in it is quite big too.

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Charlotte's Web Book

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