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Chapter 9 of Napoleon Hill's Proven Principles for Greater Wealth, Health and Happiness- Success Habits

What you need to do to be more successful on your own, trying to make a way, in an endeavor by being Self-disciplined.

First and foremost, one has to decide what category, course, subject, career, or endeavor you want to follow or pursue.

2nd) The importance of a time frame and consistent pursuit in your dream, talent, business, or endeavor will get you moving towards your goal.

3rd) Information from people you admire who is where you want to be brings out your desire for motivation. One example of a new artist I just checked out and video No Bondage by Bri Babeneaux can help you see where you should be before launching i.e. a singing career.

a) What I liked about her video: . her presence and confidence, also

          1. stage presence
          2. voice
          3. message in the song
          4. sound

b) Decide what is the good thing that comes about because of those words “Every chain is broken, we dec... and declare”.

4th) After checking out some of the new artists on the scene, listen to how they got started, and feel about it, some things that helped things fit smoothly together along the way.

5th) Make sure you focus on the concept of self-discipline and choose at least five things that will keep you humble in your endeavors.

6th) Incorporate prayer daily for strength and support.

7th) When praying, keep reminding yourself of those five things that keep you focused on your goal.

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8th) Know that some of the things may require monies to pay them or it; be prepared by creating a budget.

9th) Be kind to yourself.

The best practice of exercising self-discipline by using your mind, requires a thinking mentality of building character traits.

This endeavor of pursuit is really what your aiming for; what you really want to do to accomplish your passion.

First and foremost, maintain an attitude that this endeavor is possible, that you have what it takes.

2nd) Ask for feedback, and if it's something that comes as a criticism, try to improve for the benefit of feeling good about getting others opinions' of your work.

3rd) Keep a record of your expenses, and another of your revenues.

4th) Keep expenses as close to your budget as you can.

5th) Expect your hard work to pay off in monetary as well as spiritual and physical well-being.

6th) Stretch your talent by getting your opinions from friends and family, by imitation, what's new, what you think your audience would appreciate and enjoy.

7th) Do your homework.

8th) Do your work in small incremental steps; formidable to extravagant.

9th) Feel your efforts are worthwhile and you can be happy about it.

10th) Appreciate the experience, express your gratitude.

11th) Know self-discipline can get you closer to knowing who you are.

Napoleon Hill on Time: Time is “his greatest asset”. His philosophy was to work on improving self as long as day is long as night. When sleep comes it's okay to take time off. Using time wrong will require a reassessment of future endeavors.

On sowing seeds: By improving self, others will benefit from the seeds sown, and the law of getting compensation is a benefit as well as peace of mind.

On habits: By concentrating on my endeavors, goals, and circumstances, all fear and frustration not desired, will be low-key, and my mind will not be attracted to it.

On limits: My pursuit of talents and endeavors, and the people with me, know they can be diligently inspired.

On influence: It is my belief self-discipline inspires, influences, and gives us character.

© 2021 Patty Florence


Patty Florence (author) from Illinois on August 15, 2021:

I wrote this about awhile ago, but couldn't seem to finish. Good thing I got my motivation going again.

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