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Chad Says "I Like You"

On Thursday, on the 18th of February, in the year 2021, at Oconee County Detention Center, a correctional officer by the name of Chad comes into unit B.

I'm walking down the stairs from my room, 207B, when I hear "Hey Chad". He walks directly to the front of the tables because he sees me coming down the stairs and as soon as I get right behind him he says "I like you".

Michelle says to me, "Chad says he likes you" in a way that suggests she couldn't believe Chad would come in there Justin to flirt with me.

Before that day, one time he stepped into the unit and saw me sitting on the table and he said "Now you're sitting down. You were speeding around the table." Another time before that day he stepped in and saw me standing there and he said "You were flying around that table. Like fire."

On April 29, 2021, I refuse my dinner tray. The officer asks me "Do you want this?" and I say "No I want Chad."

It's common knowledge that I only eat for Chad. I want Chad.

© 2022 Kristina Pitts

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