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Catastrophic World

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I’ve been writing many stories about real life happenings. It’s always a great feeling that I was able to share myself with the world


~Catastrophic World~

Blood dripping all over

Eyes been red, as the cry became louder

Torture, War, Fight I see everywhere

The world is dark and darker

Children were been abused

Women were been objectify and used

Powerless men were been killed

No voice for the mouth was been sealed

Speak for yourself equivalent is life

Death is close to touch the knife

The world is dark for us to see

Hope that one day we all be free

Feels like buried alive

No chance to survive

Tears falling down her cheeks

It just makes me weak

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The world is dark for us to live

Children were too naive

Witness and suffer violence

My eyes were to innocent

Reckless power of men in the platform

Your hands were needed when we walked in the storm

We mourn for our rights and loss

Life has been took for no cost

STOP! I raised my voice

I heard a loud noise

The sound of guns is near

I feel numbed until my disappear

Living in the ferocity world

Justice is not known, stories were untold

Mouth could not speak

Death was thrown in the creek

Gruesome smell were all over

A piece of cloth just hide and cover

Guns where about to be fired in death

Everything is controlled and all set

Numerous lives cross the death were a lot

Have you known this? I bet you not

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