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Cassie Marie

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The hospital was at its usual pace. organized chaos. A page resounded overhead, “Dr. Kerrigan Dr. Kerrigan, Emergency Code 7”. The brightly lit hallway was almost blinding to Amy, as she lay on a gurney. She let out a groan and grabbed the arm of a nurse as she passed by. “Ohhh please can’t you give me something nurse!”

She patted her arm and smiled “Honey you’re not going through anything mothers long before you haven’t already done, and believe me I know, I’ve done it 5 times. Now you just breathe, and we’ll get you into a delivery room shortly.

“I don’t want this, just knock me out or something!” she pleaded.

“Oh sweety, when you see your precious little bundle of joy, you’ll e thinking a lot differently.” She patted her arm once more and went on to her other patients.

Amy clenched her fist as another volley of pain went through her midriff. “No, I won’t! I just want it over!” she uttered to herself.

At long last, she was wheeled into the delivery room, and the father finally arrived from work to join her. “Hey, sorry it took so long, are you doing Ok?”

No Keith, I’m not ok! I’m hurting and they won’t give me anything. I can’t believe I let you and your mother talk me into this, I should have gotten rid of it when we first found out it was a girl!”

Amy please, you don’t mean that, when you finally see…”

“Don’t start on that again!” She cut him of curtly, “I told you then I wanted a boy and your mother got you on this kick about..” she let out another cry as a new volley of pain went through her, “I should have done this long ago, I don’t want this, I wanted a boy!” she covered her face and continued to cry.

The Dr. entered the delivery room, “Hi I guess asking how you’re doing wouldn’t be advised, he formed a smile. I’m Dr Jacobs, I’ll be the attending Physician for the procedure.”

Amy glared at him, “I don’t care, I just want this done and over with!”

He smiled “yes Ma-am I understand, But as I’m sure you’re aware

“Yes, you can! I know you have something to, $#@#!” she grabbed her abdomen, and clenched her teeth, “Take it cesarian, just get it over with!”

“Amy right?” the Dr. continued, “We don’t do caesarian unless there is a danger to the child or the mother.”

“Don’t I have a choice?” she groaned again as another contraction hit her.

“I’m sorry Amy, your procedure is being paid for by government services and they don’t cover elective surgery.”

“I didn’t want this, and I said I wanted an abortion from the time they said it was a girl!” she scowled, “and I’m getting rid of it anyway, so I don’t care how you get it out, I just want it gone!”

‘You need to calm down Amy, its not good for you or the baby to get yourself worked up” the Dr, stated calmly. “Have you thought of a name for her?”

Amy snapped her head towards him, “Its not a girl it’s a fetus, and when this is over with it will be gone.”

“Now Amy,” Keith began, you don’t mean that, just relax and try to breathe."

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“Get him out of here, I don’t want him in the room, get him out now!” Amy demanded curtly.

The Dr. nodded and turned to the Orderly, “Please escort this gentleman to the waiting area.”

“But I want to be here with her.” Keith pleaded.

“I’m sorry sir but, you’re not her husband and she has her rights,” he motioned to the orderly, “I’ll be out in a moment to speak with you.”

Keith looked at her solemnly and shook his head, as the orderly lead him out. The then the Dr. looked at her, I really think you should have allowed him to stay.”

“I know what I’m doing, I know the laws. I can have it aborted up to just before time of birth!”

“Yes ma-am that law was passed, but what about the child’s rights”

“I wanted a boy, and if I don’t want to keep it, I don’t have too!”

“But what about giving it up for adoption or something I’m sure there are mothers that might want to have a daughter of their own.”

“$#@$#!” she exclaimed, as another contraction started. “You’re a Dr. not my social worker.” I said what I wanted, It’s my right, and its your job to obey my wishes and the law!”

“Yes ma-am I understand for give me, Ill see if a nurse can bring you something to relax you and ease the contraction pains. I’ll be back shortly, “he turned and walked out.

The Waiting Room

Keith was walking around the waiting room pacing back and forth, until he saw Dr. Jacobs approach. He walked towards him, meeting halfway, “Dr., how is she?”

He smiled, “She is a good as can be expected, This isn’t an easy thing, but I’ve asked the nurse to give her something to help her through the contractions.”

“And the baby?”

“I’m sorry sir, but as she very adamantly pointed out this procedure is to remove the fetus."

“What does that mean I don’t understand, the child’s name is Cassie, Cassie Marie.”

“Keith, I understand your dilemma and I am incredibly happy to see a father so dedicated to a child out of wedlock. However, she is right, she is determined to go through with the procedure and we can not even give it a birth certificate, that’s the law.”

"it’s a child,” Keith replied.

“According to the ruling of the Supreme court, it’s an embryo, and she has the right to abort it up to time of birth.”

"But…but that would be murder, it will be a living breathing human being”, he responded astonished.

“I agree with you totally, but I’m not the courts and my personal opinion has no bearing, if she wants the embryo terminated, I have to adhere to her wishes.”

“Terminated, did you hear what you just said? and what about my wishes, don’t I have rights?”

“I heard what I said, and it doesn't make me feel any better. but sadly, you and she are not married, so we have to comply with the patient’s wishes.”

“What then, you’re just going to end Cassie's life as if it life meant nothing?"

“I have to protect her rights as my patient. I’m sorry Keith, but once a state adopts the law, at any time, from conception to time just before birth, the Supreme court has ruled that the embryo can be terminated at the mothers discretion, with no repercussions. There are nine states that have adopted the law, I have no choice.”

“So, it’s true then,” Keith remarked.

“I’m sorry what’s that?” Dr. Jacobs replied.

“It really is a hypocritical oath, its about who pays the bills, and a human life has no value.”

Dr’ Jacobs shook his head, “I’m sorry you feel that way, I’m afraid I must go now.”

"Yea, go back to killing babies, I can't believe this, it cant be real, I cant believe this is really happening...." I never want to see her again, and I hope God will forgive you... but I will never forget this. Your going to kill my daughter, and you seem to think its ok."

"I never said I thought it was ok." he turned and walked off.

The Delivery

Amy, now crying and in a great deal of pain lay on the table, Dr. Jacobs patted her hand, “It won’t be long now. After the injection is made, you will stil have to deliver the dead fetus. so when I tell you, I need you to push.” Dr. Jacobs turned to the nurse, "Please bring me a termination kit.” He asked remorsefully, Tears filled the nurse’s eyes and she left the room.

Dr. Jacobs looked back at Amy, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

"Yes I wont change my mind, now please lets get it over with."

The nurse turned with the tray sobbing and handed the tray to the Dr., "here you are Sir.”

Dr. Jacobs set the tray beside her bed and removed the needle and the vial of clear fluid. He drew a large portion into the syringe and took a sterile wipe to clean the insertion point. "There will be a pinch Amy when the needle is inserted so I need you to relax. she nodded her head, and he continued "Ready?" then, he inserted the needle deep inside her into the fetus and administered the serum. within a few seconds the monitor indicated that the fetus's heart had stopped, and its life had ended.

He worked the forceps around its head and prepared it for delivery. “We’re almost through, Now with the next contraction I need you to push hard.” Amy felt the contraction hit and cried out in pain. “Ok Amy push, push hard!”

Amy screamed and with a final push and the fetus was delivered, Dr. tied off the umbilical, he handed it to the nurse. She wrapped it in the receiving blanket and holding it turned to Amy, “it’s a beautiful baby girl! The nurse remarked.

She started to hand it to Amy, but Amy refused, “I told you I don’t want it, now please take it away.”

Jacobs turned to the nurse, please take it, then I will need her cleaned up and taken to a room so she can recover.

"Yes Dr,: she replied and left clutching the blanket still warm from the fetus, Her eyes filled with tears.

"I will have you admitted for the night and have you checked on periodically to ensure your recovering well."

"Thank you, would you ask Keith to come in please."

"I'm afraid he has left, he walked out when I told him your decision, and that he had no say in the matter."

Amy had a cold empty stare looking at the empty bed, then she looked at him and replied in almost a whisper "Thank you," then turned away.

Dr. Jacobs looked away to hide his tears and whispered to himself, “What has this country become.”

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