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Can't Help, But Say...

I am Kammu aka Kammutty V. P., living with a beloved family of three children and a wife in the small state of Kerala in India. Having throw

Can't but say....

Diabetes had been playing a pretty good role in the recent years of my life. Yesterday as I was stopping by the legendary pharmacy, which remained a constant sight since my childhood, settling medicine bills that seemed rather costly; I crossed the road to where buses were parked. The bus station with its unending renovation had made the path rocky and pebbley.

Suddenly, I saw the world around me turning dark. For a moment I couldn't fathom what was going on. My head started to spin, limbs were as though drained and heavy. I searched around for a flicker of light to see something to get hold on to lest I fall. I gave up the idea, still trying to focus, i sat down on that dirty pavement. My throat went extremely dry, tongue as though paralyzed and then I recalled that I hadn't eaten lunch. Yes, it dawned on me that it was another of hypoglycemic attacks. I urgently needed some sugar.. I desperately looked around, did no one notice me... i peered into my mobile phone , no, nothing is visible. My honour gave away and I lay flat on that muddy roadside, frantically hoping anyone woud come to my aid. In such a busy town, my own hometown, i lay there as a stranger; people passing by never cared to glance at my helplessness... If someone did see me they were too busy to bear my burden. As a last resort, I tried to lift my leaded hand and wave for someone to show up but all in vain... my body started failing me, eyes began to roll... i was on the verge of unconsciousness when someone approached me; some human that has not traded his humanity for material things. I tried to speak but only broken words was all that i could mumble out, "diabetes...sugar...candy.." before I collapsed. I could hear " what happened?...why lying down". I faintly saw that merciful man hurriedly putting something between my lips. It took me 2 to 3 minutes before I returned to being myself again. When I was able to stand up I thanked my saviour and walked towards my vehicle.

My prestigious hometown, my beloved land of which I took pride in being the son, has become something that is alien. A serene village quickly transformed into a small town only to reshuffle into not less than a big city... and sadly how quickly it has burried its all bouts of humanity and benevolence along the way.

The point that i am trying to stress is that the vice of our society is prejudice. Take for instance, in my situation people might have taken me for a reckless drunkard who happened to fall on the roadside. When people are dangling between life and death in a RTA, more poeple just limit their talents to devouring and trading the scene on their social media for likes and shares! Not a person is accused of something that the online media channels are eager to spice it up into a sensational news. To be able to survive through the comments below a post, one must put on a tough skin tougher than that of a massive hippo. Political and religious sectarianism displayed in the most vulgar of languages deprive one of the affection and chivalry towards fellow beings. Mercy, courtesy, patriotism find no place in the heart that has paved for itself a path of prejudice and discomfiture. What a henious place our land has become and the realization that there will never be any reverting, should bring shame to each one of our hearts.

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