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Call of the night...A poem


Do you hear the call of the night?

Can you find a way?

Does the appeal of the moon entice

To turn from the light of day


To leave what you love behind

Can you say farewell

To follow me love blind

knowing your life i will dispel


I will hold you close to my breast

I will soothe your fear

My love, my heart my conquest

Making your path to me clear


Come the gentle twilight

We will rise together

Where the night awaits filled with delight

Our hearts and minds bonded forever


Listen to the call of the night

And step out of the light with me

Let the power of the moon excite

Our love eternal was meant to be.

© K.A.E Grove


K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on November 15, 2010:

Thank you so much, I am thrilled you liked it :)

Lovingu from London on November 15, 2010:

Beautiful, simply beautiful. What more can one say?

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on November 01, 2010:


Coming from you that is a fantastic compliment, I am so thrilled that you liked it :) The picture was sent to me from a friend as i was writing this. It definitely helped



Thank you so much I am so glad you liked it,

Love is one of the strongest powers on earth in my opinion :)

the picture is gorgeous isnt, I wish I knew who the artist was so I could pass on the credit...

saddlerider1 on November 01, 2010:

Very well done, isn't love so exquisite and fulfilling? I also love the picture the eyes lead the way. You have a gift,thank you for sharing it.

acaetnna from Guildford on November 01, 2010:

I just loved this poem and I especially love anything about love! The picture that you chose is awesome, did it offer inspiration for your poem?

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 31, 2010:

Thanks so much :)*blushing*

I am glad you liked it

Leni Sands from UK on October 31, 2010:

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem. You are a very talented writer.

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 30, 2010:

we certainly have a similar flair with our writing :)

I am glad you liked it, have ideas for more, if i can free up more time for myself :)

be round to visit soon :)

William Benner from Savannah GA. on October 30, 2010:

Cool little poem, it seems like it fits into the theme of the hubs I have been writing lately! Good job! I will be back to read more!

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 29, 2010:

glad that you liked it :) thanks for stopping by

ahorseback on October 29, 2010:

I love this , you got some great stuff here. Stay well.....

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 27, 2010:

..That is one of the best things an aspiring poet can hear, to know that my writing is being read and even more importantly enjoyed is an honor and a thrill.

Thank you for your wonderfully kind words it means a lot to me :)

epigramman on October 27, 2010:

.....yes it took me to another world - another time - another place ....... a very rare gift when a writer can do that to me - to be able to transport your reader and you are unaware of the space you're in but it pulls you in just the same because there is something poetic-magnetic about these words .........

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 24, 2010:

I am really glad you liked it! 'Darkly romantic' what a great compliment, Thank you so much :)

poetvix from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. on October 24, 2010:

This is absolutely beautiful, darkly romantic. Fabulous!

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 23, 2010:

Thanks De Greek, another attempt to soften the darkness that creeps so much into my writing. :)

MartieCoester thank you, new love can be scary, exciting and unknown I am glad you liked it :)

Martie Coetser from South Africa on October 23, 2010:

Beautiful poem! To step into a new love, is truly like stepping into the dark. Perhaps you will not see another sunrise ;)

De Greek from UK on October 23, 2010:

Good stuff there :-)

K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 23, 2010:

Gald you dropped by sage, even happier that you liked it!

thank you

Sage Williams on October 22, 2010:

Nightage - Very nice!


K.A.E Grove (author) from Australia on October 21, 2010:

Thank you all so much! I wrote this in the chaos of my kids so i wasn't sure how it flowed. thanks so much for the great feedback


the first verse is my favorite as well :) thanks so much for stopping by :)

tnderhrt23 on October 21, 2010:

Very interesting. powerful, thought-provoking piece...my favorite lines are your opening verse, "Do you hear the call of the night? Can you find a way? Does the appeal of the moon entice To turn from the light of day".

There is but a hint of darkness to this poem that lingers on the edge...well done!

MiseryHinata on October 21, 2010:

It was a very beautiful poem ^-^ thanks for sharing, you have a real talent for writing

Alison Puchert from Cape Town, South Africa on October 21, 2010:

What a beautiful poem. Couples should say it to each other before they get married or better still, say it together after their vows.

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