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Call of Heartbroken Love

Chatra Ram is an amateur writer loves to tell him about himself. That's why he writes the Quotes.

Call of Heartbroken Love

Tell me how much suffering a person can bear in life, and who can know more than the writer who has stumbled on every step of life, then come join me with you too. Let's Read Call of Heartbroken Love.


Love is Life

There is nothing in the world without love

Love teaches man to live...

Your Love

When you miss your love you are more upset...

Explain by Quotes

This simple quote tells us about how important the place of sports is in our lives, related to our lives, that without love a human being is incomplete.

Love is the only weapon through which a person can balance his anger, he can calm down, so there is nothing in this world more than love.

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CHATRA RAM (author) from BARMER INDIA on January 31, 2021:

thanks lot of sir

manatita44 from london on January 31, 2021:

Sweet! Charming!

We are flutes, separated from the reed bed, their Source. This Source is Love. Yet Love is that continuous note, dancing in our shadows and our joys .. guiding us gently and patiently, all the way HOME. Om Shanti!!

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