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Achieve your dreams
Your the only one who can graduate in this family
Your the last person I can believe
By your mother who will always cheers you dear

I will work hard for our family
Give you some amount
Just finish what I can't have
By your elder sister who can support you to what you had

We're poor but we can't be fool
This is not my own story
Just escaping in reality so don't mind me
By your brother who had bring trouble to the family

I just want to live a good life
I sometimes support you so don't mind my life
I love him and can't stand to be out if his side
By your little sister who is fool by love

It's alright we can work this out
Someday all of us was greater than what's in our minds
We will be something to our own life
By your friends who will stay to each others side

I know it's hard but it will be alright
I can't be the your lover because I don't feel like
But I will watch you to be the better than knight
By a girl you just think you love and maybe I'm right

I don't who I am still now
But I know what I want and love
I'm going to be better version of me sooner from now
By myself throughly, don't forget yourself starting now


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© 2020 Xalice

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