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By Its Cover: To Kill a Mocking Bird (Satire)

Harper Lee is most beloved for her classic tale about a young girl slowly discovering her psychopathic tendency's. set in the small town of Nowhere, America You follow the blood drenched path of its Narrator Scout as she picks out her victims and methodically tortures and then kills them in ways that would make Hannibal blush.

Looking for her next victim

Looking for her next victim

Her first Victim

Killing a Mockingbird with its fragile bones and small frame should of been quick work for Scout, yet a good 200 pages is dedicated to the slow autopsy of Gods poor creature. I would say that dedicating a good 30 pages to the small creatures inner thoughts as it is murdered was a unique choose. But I am not certain it was necessary to convey the already horrific scene being played out. Honestly it would of been enough to make me quit reading it if I wasn't so desensitized to such things because of TV shows and washing my own brother die horrifically in front of me.

Political and social dialogue

When I received a copy of this book in my mailbox a letter attached promise that the story would tackle intense topics, such as racial prejudice. But it is hard to see how when Scout just basically runs around murdering everybody! I mean I guess since some of her victims are representing different backgrounds that sort of checks the block, but if saying, "We all bleed the same blood." was the point of the book, then it made its points early on. One scene in particular does stick out though which I will include,

"Scout, Dads gonna help this man out. he was wrongly accused due to the color of his skin and I...Scout, what are you doing with that hammer darling? No please! not your own daddy! Don't do it Scout, I loved and protected you from the police! Scout nooooo!"

Seen here, swinging after the murder of several of her neighbors.

Seen here, swinging after the murder of several of her neighbors.

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Final Thoughts

So After several attempts to erase the images that this book had burned into my mind I have chosen to except my fate and become a member of Harper Lee's cult following. I myself have never known the thrill of taking a life before but after reading this novel loudly to my children and forcing my wife to watch as I murdered our dog I now have a new understanding of why classic literature is still important in todays world. Lee, for me, is an author that showed the grizzly nature of humanity and made me a true believer of how actions, not just words, can make the world a better place. ALL HAIL THE BLOOD GOD SCOUT!!!

To kill a Mockingbird -Harper Lee

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