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But not


She hide her feelings
She kind of a good at it
But she can't hide the scar
It becomes too showy

She fall and do crawl
But she stand for a new stone
She choose who to trust
And for the stone she broke it to be bald

She might make the big wall
But soon she can watch it fall
Because she know it's not so good
When she faces the world it just a torn

She can love and be love
She can give the world of combined
But she can hate and forget
Like you can't define

Know your sentences
Like if you want to play a game
Your flirty mind wont reach the end
You're gonna be far in your preference

Stand for yourself that's what you think
She can watch you fall better than you think
It's better for her to be priorities
But not her own properties


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© 2020 Xalice

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