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"But...I Can Hear the Children's Laughter" Poem

Just me, explaining myself through Poetry words. Words that have been in my head for years. Now inviting you to read and see what you think?

U.S. National Park Service: Every Kid Outdoors

U.S. National Park Service: Every Kid Outdoors

While visiting a Summer the off-season...for a Summer Staff Reunion, There was a traditional closing Campfire Ceremony...when the Reunion came to a close. Each Person got up to speak. There in the quiet still Woods...on a Cold Early-March Weekend…You could still hear the Children's Laughter....All Around. Even though, there were no kids around. I guess...the Camp had a lot of left-over Laughter to carry it through the off-season. Anyways, that is a more-than-good enough subject to inspire this Poem. Hope it inspires you to always remember the Laughter that your young heart still brings!

Funny how kids are always laughing...or are finding ways to laugh. Adults...not so much!

Funny how kids are always laughing...or are finding ways to laugh. Adults...not so much!

I Can Hear The Children's Laughter...even in the Midst of a Cold Off-Season Weekend with no Summer Camp Kids Anywhere to be Found!

As I sit here at this desk...crunching a number or two...

I think back to times long ago...when I would laugh the whole day through.

When I would laugh towards the treetops...just for fun...

When I would go through life...all day...out in the Sun.

When...I could hardly think about what was ahead...

We all laughed...and laughed...until our face's turned red. a distant field of a Camp somewhere...

A field sits briefly the Cold Winter Air...

Yet...I can still hear the children’s laughter there...

I hear the kids enjoying a Summer day...out there...without a care.

It seems our lives get busy...and so dang entrenched into our things...

That we fail to look all the Laughter...our young heart brings.

We know of good things that make us laugh...down deep on the inside...

But...we trod on and on...the laughter our "kid" heart had inside...has run to hide.

We look to each other...and discuss in a professional manner...

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And forget about the times we exchanged in joyful "kid-like" banter.

Now...Gray are our that of a cadaver...

From wasting away in serious concerns...and in anger.

What we need is to spend some time back out in the go run and play...

And...remember the Laughter we once had...laughing all through a Summer day.

With friends around of all kinds...the cool ones or the dorks...and the ones...we thought so highly of...

The friends you could laugh all day with...the fun that echoed in your group...on up to the sky above.

Our Laughter may have now grown faint over so many, many years...

Plus...our Sadness may have grown and grown...from so many, many tears.

But...I Can Hear The Children's Laughter...When I see in Winter Off-Season...a Camp's vacant field...

And for one moment the Laughter encompasses my soul...and I laugh renewed...and momentarily healed.

"Roasted Marshmallows over a Campfire for S’Mores”

"Roasted Marshmallows over a Campfire for S’Mores”

"Kind of looks like "Field Day" Activities.. A little bit of friendly competition for the last day of every Camp Session.

"Kind of looks like "Field Day" Activities.. A little bit of friendly competition for the last day of every Camp Session.

Have you ever visited a Busy Summer Camp Place in the Dead of a Cold Off-Season? All is Very, Very Quiet...But, I Could Still Hear The Children's Laughter:

Never Forget the Laughter your Young Heart Still Brings.

I spent many Summers of my younger years working with Summer Camps ...and a few Day Camps. I worked with kids of all ages. I spent probably about 9 Summers or so...working with a seasonal hire: Camp Counselor. Working as a Summer Camp Counselor was a pretty fun job...and I always thoroughly enjoyed it. And...I enjoyed working with the various other Staff that were around my age...every Summer...also.

I visited one Camp...during the off-season. (I love this Camp…it is so much a part of who I am…still.) It was actually at a Summer Camp Staff Reunion Weekend there. The whole weekend there...we (just young adults) did normal Camp Activities and had a great time. At the end of the "Reunion", we had our own Camp Closing you would at the end of any given Summer Camp Session.

Everything was quiet as we reflected on our time at the Camp. Then, some of the Previous Staff Members got up to say a few things. When, it was my turn to say a few words...All I could think to say was if anyone had noticed something missing during that Weekend? Everyone kind of looked real puzzled back to me. (I get that a lot...Ha!) Then, I went onto mention one thing I had noticed:

"I Can Hear The Children's Laughter"...even in the Quiet Off-Season.

(Take it for what it is worth... I is just “Camp" ...Right?) I could even notice something like that. really wasn't the same place without all the constant: "laughing" coming from kids... that carried over the whole place. was somewhat of a profound observation...or just something simple that had not been there like it was in the past. Or...perhaps even greater than all these possibilities: "Maybe we just take for granted the laughter...our young hearts always had...when we were kids!" Yeah...maybe that's the real reason!

However, as I look back on the time in my life..."Spent Working at Camps"...there is one thing that stands out...and I'm not just saying this just for the purpose of this Poem: "I Can Still Hear The Children's Laughter!"

How laughing more helps you worry less

How laughing more helps you worry less

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