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But Anakin Says, Earth’s Heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin..............

Place: Manhattan, New York City, America.


Anakin: Student of Fourth Grade

Esmeralda: Head girl of Anakin’s Class (Who loves Anakin)

Jacob Alperstein: Special Teacher for Special Video Class

Martha: Esmeralda’s Care Taker

God Jupiter: As Himself

Europa: Messenger of God Jupiter & Pilot of Special Elliptical plane

RXZ V50: RXZ version 50 (Robot for managing Activity Analysis Program)

Anakin’s Dad, Momma & Granny

Esmeralda’s Mother


Anakin, a student of fourth grade, moving on the street upper side of Manhattan in New York City towards his school in a blusterous morning, with all his mischievous yet ingenuous enthusiasm, and he is thinking all about his last night dream. The dream that had clever and wicked witches with big noses and protruded chins who magically turned a quack exorcist into a mouse.

Like a ritual every night, his granny tells him stories of nasty witches, quack preachers and some other yucky and icky pricks, then in his late night dreams all the visuals of those stories turn alive. In Anakin’s slumber land, all such creatures are the destroyer of humanity and he is a sky-walker, who is on earth for safe guarding Homo sapiens. And every morning, when he comes out of his blanket drill, all night-thrills let him get green light (to go great guns) in a fantasy world of multitude of artistry and imagination.

This morning is also a same routine morning for him as he is en-route to his halls of ivy (i.e. The Anderson School) in his flight of fancy, and in midway of that Anakin notices glowing and growing glimpse of his Esmeralda, head girl of his class, the only and enough reason he likes talking to her. But Esmeralda loves Anakin most in the school as he is the only kid there who pronounces her complete name Esmeralda properly while others only call her Esmee. She is so proud of the detailing of her Spanish name Esmeralda as her father treats her as his Emerald Gemstone while for her mother she is heroine of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. And third person in the world whom she takes as gospel is Anakin for his obvious articulation.

She approaches towards him and a childlike, unsuspecting innocence prevails all around the corner. Anakin waves towards her by making haste with his gleaming smile, just for knowing some intrigue details of today’s video class.

Anakin: Hey Esmeralda, you looking funky gemstone….what’s the plan, you gonna Jammin there in video class again?

Esmeralda: Oh, no way. This time that’s gonna be quite boring.

Anakin: Why, no funny Iron Man Glare & Flare this time. (Speaks with a frisky smile in way to remind her last time’s fun & games)

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Esmeralda: No, no, this time they have a plan of giving a video lecture on the different religions prevalent all across the globe and they gonna bite our 60 minutes for that.

Anakin: OMG, then computers will also need a lunch break and do you know what do computers take in lunch break? (Asks with winking eyes in a quizzical fashion)

Esmeralda: Computers do take bytes in lunch and bits in their breakfast. (She promptly responses and gives a sly smile as she gets Anakin’s joke)

Anakin (looks delighted by her answer): Oh, you got that joke.

(Esmeralda feels proud on her ulnar nerve and brags about her filled kitty of digital jokes)

Esmeralda: Yes, you know such digital jokes are quite common and so many of them are in my kitty.

Anakin: Okay, then tell me some more such jokes of your kitty as that will turn on my funny bone.

Esmeralda (laughs): ha, ha…And for sure you’ll need that bone in that boring class.

Anakin: (grins)

Esmeralda: So, do you know why your computer was cold last night?

Anakin: (smiles) and says No.

Esmeralda: because you left its Windows Open.

(And they both giggle)

Anakin moves on towards their digital class with Esmeralda’s digital jokes as she keeps on testing him with her witticism by asking him jokes like why his computer keeps sneezing. And this time Anakin promptly responses that it’s because he left the windows open without any dilly-dally.

[What do you think; is Anakin’s answer correct this time?]

Absolute no, as Esmeralda is there with some depth hitting wisecracks for Anakin and she says; “No Anakin, you are again wrong; your computer keeps sneezing because that has viruses.” Anakin laughs on such mockery, holds his head, and then tries to hold Esmeralda too. She runs away while Anakin shouts, “don’t torture me with your crazy sense of humor”. Esmeralda laughs and puts her nose out of joint.


With all such funny bantering and repartee they enter into theatre room of their school, which is all arranged for video class. Students are sitting on their seats. Anakin and Esmeralda follow the same path and they both sit on their mutual seats. And after few minutes, enters the man of next two hours who is a smart-alec, absolutely dogged, highly religious and equally stern Jacob Alperstein.

“Hello Kids, for next one hour no one will go for loo or clue. That means no break and no talking at all. I’ll take you all to a journey of different religions and most importantly I’ll play a video telling you about different religious practices through which one can get to heaven. No queries should be asked in between the session because I’m going to preach you one of the most important lessons of your life through this video”. Speaks; Jacob Alperstein, as a braggadocio who, sometimes seem as he may go as a religious extremist too.

Then he puts a DVD into the player and speaks again to kids, “I’ll sort out all your queries once the video completes and will also tell you about some of the best practices amongst all the religions that are described in this video”. He plays the DVD and kids start giving a mechanical attention to the screen along with some speculation while some of them are in depression because of the suppression and articulation of Alperstein’s speech.

Video starts with an animated word “Religion” that blinks, shrinks and suddenly grows bigger in centre and then appear multitudes of animated individuals who revolve around that word. Suddenly that big word “Religion” breaks into different smaller parts named as Religion-X, Religion-Y, Religion-Z, etc. and then that group of animated individuals also breaks into different groups. Soon after visual changes on screen and from one big animated Religion word, there are so many religions with X, Y, Z, etc. suffixes. All of them appear with their own group of individuals who revolve around their respective religion.

{Video Starts}

[Audio of Video]…

“Religions offer Beauty of Variety to this world. It can be explained as an accumulation of belief systems, traditions, & cultures as per the purpose, nature, and cause prevalent in a particular provincial region. Sometimes it may be considered as a superhuman agency with the help of which people may procure/evolve their preferred life-styles, ethics, and moral codes that are used to govern the conduct of the different human affairs.” Religions include some rituals and devotional means too and as per some religious communities it is a way of making a bond between man & gods or a technique used to respect the one who/which is sacred.

(As the audio goes on footage in the video also changes accordingly and hence kids see on screen different peculiarities of different religions, related dressings, gods & goddesses, etc.)

[Audio of Video]…

By revering gods and following a righteous life as per the moral codes of respective religions, human beings secure their places in the Heaven; the holiest place, after their life on Earth. Heaven is the transcendent place where heavenly beings like Gods, venerated ancestors, mystical saints live or are enthroned and it can be accessible by earthly beings according to their goodness, faith, divinity, other virtues, religious conducts, accurate beliefs or sometimes by the will of almighty God.

(Some video footage related to different gods are displayed on screen)

[Audio of Video]…

Faiths, beliefs, religious conducts vary with their respective religions and hence the techniques of securing the place in Paradise or Heaven. So, now, you all will see some of the major religions and their practices that lead human being to attain the highest place of heaven in their afterlife…

(Video starts showing an arrow chart that shows different Religions and their Geographical Area where they are prevalent and then explanation of different religions, related beliefs and their revered gods begin with some video footages while the Baritone voice over continues)


[Audio of Video]…

Firstly we let you know about the Christianity which is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion. Existence of Christianity is based on life and teachings of the Jesus Chris. And Christians believe in God as the father, in Jesus Christ as his son and in a Holy Spirit. Mostly all the Christians believe in trinity that tells about the unity of father (God), his son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit as three persons included in one godhead. After death, spirits of the Christians go to heaven and spirits of all those who are unbelievers go to hell while at the time of final judgment all unbelievers will be separated from God for an unending time period in a lake that is full of fire. It’s also said that the believers going towards heaven will have the name of god written on their foreheads and all their tears, pains, and death will be disappeared for forever…

(Video shows some images showing Christian peculiarities related to their beliefs along with some footage of heaven by showing a river flowing from the God’s Throne with the water of life along with some amazingly picturesque eye-pleasing scenic view. Then slowly next religion appears on screen with a voice over)


[Audio of Video]…

The second religion about which you all will know is Judaism which is the oldest Abrahamic religion and it was originated in the people of Judea and Ancient Israel. The foundational text of the Jewish people is Torah which is basically of a larger text called as Tanakh or Hebrew Bible. Religious Jews consider Judaism as an expression of a covenant relationship that is established by the God with the children of Israel. Despite being one of the most influential and oldest religions, concept of afterlife and heaven is not quite précised or as profound as of other Abrahamic religions. Jews people have a belief that as a nation or as individuals they can be reconciled to the God and through sin they can fail to keep their salvation but through their good deeds, and repentance they can get back the path of salvation. On the concluding thought it can be said that Judaism is mostly concerned with a life living here and now.

(Images of different texts, holy cities & places, important figures, etc. who are related to Judaism are displayed on the screen with an introducing voice and slowly all specific details of Judaism disappears from screen and it shows next religion, Roman Catholicism with the same baritone voice over..)


[Audio of Video]…

After Judaism, let’s come to a tour of the city of Rome which has been a significant centre of religion and pilgrimage for the centuries and the predominant religion here is Roman Catholicism. As per the catechism of Roman Catholicism, “Those who die for the faith, those who are catechumens, and all those who, without knowing of the Church but acting under the inspiration of grace, seek God sincerely and strive to fulfill his will, are saved even if they have not been baptized.” Despite so many changes, for salvation; baptism is still required. Souls of all those individuals who accepted Christ and performed required acts to be purified of their sin go to heaven while souls of all those who rejected Christ are sent to the hell. Jupiter was the superior deity of Roman state who is also termed as the king of gods or the god of sky & thunder in mythology of ancient Roman religion. Romans also had some other gods and goddesses like Mars, Vesta, Minerva, etc.


(Video showcases footage of different idiosyncrasies related to Roman Catholicism along with some images of all the deities and when the image of God Jupiter with captions like King of Gods, god of sky & lighting, appear on screen, Jacob Alperstein pauses the video & speaks to the student)

Jacob Alperstein: So, kids till now you would have known Jupiter only as planet but see here, look at him how fascinating, transfixing and grand he looks. He is the most powerful, righteous Gods or you must know him as King of the Gods.

(He speaks in a cocky fashion as he himself has some Roman Catholic connection that lets him feel proud by seeing images of God Jupiter on screen as for him those images are hypnotizing. Amidst that Anakin raises his hands for asking something and Alperstein allows him to stand & tell what he wants, that is quite surprising, as in the starting of class he brutally said that no one should ask anything before the video completes. It seems he is absolutely hypnotized)

Anakin: Okay sir, so if Jupiter is a God too, then, is there any connection in between God Jupiter & Planet Jupiter?

(Anakin asks to flatter & butter him, so that later on he can ask for a little loo break. While Alperstein wakes up after listening Anakin’s question from his hypnotized soul and moves his hand on his face and realizes that at beginning he disallows anyone to ask anything in between session. But he answers)

Jacob Alperstein: Hey Anakin, I said to all in the beginning that no query before the video completes, but Okay, as you seem curious about the God Jupiter then let me tell you that the planet Jupiter was known to different astronomers of the ancient Roman time. And that’s why they named this planet after the name of their God Jupiter.

Anakin: Okay sir, now I got, Jupiter is the most superior God, and that’s why it’s also the largest planet of solar system.

Jacob Alperstein: Yes, may be but you are really paying great attention kid, nice. Now sit down and watch the remaining part of video.

(Anakin thinks all his plan of pleasing Alperstein with his query will must backfire now, so he hastily but sweetly asks again)

Anakin: Sir, may I go for a loo break just for two minutes?

Jacob Alperstein: No, just sit and watch. I understand all your stratagems.

(Alperstein speaks in his brutal voice in a stern fashion and Anakin sits back by continuously seeing at the paused image of the God Jupiter. Alperstein again presses the button and plays the video and Voice Over continues)


[Audio of Video]…

Next religion comes in this presentation is Islam which is also a monotheistic Abrahamic religion and is based on the Quran. Muslims considers Quran as one of the holy books revealed by gods and base on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Salvation comes to all those who obey Allah as appropriately as their good deeds outweigh all the bad deeds. They think that repeating what was done or said by Muhammad will be good enough to secure a place in heaven but despite that they also recite some extra prayers, go on for the pilgrimages, have fasts, and perform different other good works in hope of taking precedence. As per the Islamic belief, Martyrdom given in a service to Allah is the only work that guarantees to send the worshiper into the paradise.

(Different idiosyncrasies related to Islam like star and crescent symbol of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca, Islamic calligraphy, etc. are shown on the video screen. Then voiceover introduces next religion)

[Audio of Video]…

Now tour of the religion will take you towards the Indian subcontinent with different Indian Religions. Hinduism has its origin as far back as the prehistoric times and that is why it is the most ancient and primal of all the still active religions. It is not a monolithic religion and it contains dozens of separate philosophies integrated as Sanatana Dharma. Practice of worshiping so many different deities is also quite popular among Hindus. As per Upanishads which are the philosophical portions of Vedas our actions let us connect to this world of appearances and these appearances are in fact absolutely illusory. Actual reality is Brahman (the ultimate reality) that transcends all our sensory experiences but unfortunately we all live by ignoring Brahma and act as per our different worldly illusions. And because of such acts human being participates in the cycles of death and rebirth. Escaping or getting release from this cycle is termed as Moksha and for that you have to escape your ignorance and understand that eventually you are not you but Brahman itself which is the single binding unity behind all the diversity exists in the universe.

Few other religions are also originated from the Indian subcontinent and they are also influenced and expanded from Hinduism. In those Religions, Jainism is primarily taught by Prsva & Mahavira and it tells about the path of non violence for all the forms of living beings exist in this world. According to Jainism one has to have the right belief and act in the right manner by having the right knowledge. Buddhism is also originated from the Indian soil in 6th century BCE and it was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Generally Buddhists believe that Gautama tried to help the sentient beings end their all sorts of suffering by letting them comprehensively understand the true nature of phenomenon, so that they can release from the cycle of suffering and rebirth and achieve Nirvana.

Sikhism also has its origin in Indian soil and it was founded in 15th century Punjab on the teachings of Guru Nanak and ten other successive Sikh gurus. The main belief of Sikhism is to have faith in Waheguru, who is represented by the phrase ik onkar that means one God who exists in everything. It is a monotheistic religion and as per its beliefs Salvation can be attained by living an honest life and by meditating on that one God. According to Sikhism if good works are done sufficiently then the doer will be released from the cycle of reincarnation. And hence he will become one with the God.

(Some footages of Indian subcontinent along with images related to idiosyncrasies of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism are shown on the screen. And slowly all disappears as voice over introduces the next religion)

[Audio of Video]…

From the religions of Indian subcontinent, the journey of idiosyncrasies of some religions has now reached to its final destination, i.e. East Asian Religions. Several religions of East Asia are comprised in the East Asian Religions that include concept of Tao in Chinese or Concept of Do in Japanese or Korean. These concepts include Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and some other folk and new religions of East and South East Asia. Taoism has adopted so many of its afterlife principles from Buddhism. While initially Taoists did not have any concern of afterlife and salvation was believed to be reached by aligning with cosmos for immortality. But later on Taoist abandoned their longing of immortality and followed the afterlife principles of Buddhism.

While Confucianism concentrates on the appropriate behavior followed in life but not in any future heaven. According to this afterlife is unknowable and therefore all efforts should be made to make this life as best as it can be in a way of honoring ancestors. In Shintoism salvation is dependent on penance and avoiding pollution or impurity of the individual’s soul and then with this way one’s soul can join soul of their ancestors. Originally concept of after life was a dire but later on all the matters of the afterlife have been transferred to the teachings of Buddhism as done in Taoism.

(Some images and footages peculiarly related to East Asian Religions are displayed on the screen that tells about the traditional representation of those religions. Bronze statue of Confucius, Confucius temple, The Vinegar Tasters, etc. are shown to the kids and then with some conclusive footages of all the religions, video ends)

{End of Video}

With the end of Video, class ends and Alperstein asks those students who have any query to come in his room. Some students rush to meet him while Esmeralda seems arguing something important with her friends. Anakin gives a look to her gang and smiles as he knows Esmeralda will win the argument. Anakin is slowly moving out of class, thinking something, maybe he is in his flight of fancy with some Roman Gods. He notices someone is calling his name, he knows voice is of Esmeralda. He turns back. Exactly it’s Esmeralda there.

Esmeralda: So, what you are going to ask Anakin to Alperstein sir?

Anakin: No, nothing. I do not have any query. I am just moving out of here and you?

Esmeralda: Oh, I am having so many queries but firstly I also need to clear their doubts too.

(She points her finger towards all her friends with whom she was discussing minute before)

Anakin: Okay, sure, you do that. I don’t want to stay here I am going to play some fun games.

(He seems bit bored and wants to be in his own zone only)

Esmeralda: OK; go, but hey one thing if you want me to ask anything to Alperstein Sir on your behalf?

Anakin: Just ask him did he ever meet God Jupiter, as he was quite proud and loud about all that.

(Speaks in an inhibited fashion and shrouds his soldier and gives an expression of mockery)

Esmeralda: Ok sure, I’ll do ask him this. Now I’m going. Bye, bye….meet you later.

Anakin: Okay, go, Bye.

(Esmeralda runs back while Anakin moves out of class. Day goes on he plays some fun games with other friends as it’s a free day after video class and then some other formality routine program and time over at school. He comes back home, takes some chicken snacks in lunch with a hot coffee and he sleeps.)

Same Day, Evening Time

Anakin wakes up and sees his dad is getting ready to go somewhere and he asks in a lazy and lethargic manner as he still feels a little sleepy.

Anakin: hey Dad. When you came back?

Dad: When you were taking your siesta, oh not siesta actually, that was hardcore deep sleep kid. (And he smiles by looking at Anakin’s lazy face)

Anakin: Oh yes, class was quite tiring Dad, but where are you going now?

Dad: Some work then will pick your momma up along with your granny from hospital as they went there for some regular checkups and then will return here, may be by 10pm. So what did you get to know in today’s class?

Anakin: Oh, don’t ask Dad. That is confusing. Something about Jupiter, planets, religions, Gods, heavens, etc., basically that was a mix bag. Why don’t you tell me something about these planets, Gods, and heavens?

Dad: Oh sorry, not right now, I’m in hurry. But you know you should go and pick Star Wars DVD from there and watch its parts, as that will tell you allot about God, planets, their motion, emotion, and some great VFX.

(He points his finger towards DVD rack)

Anakin: Yes sure, I’ll Dad.

Dad: Okay Bye now. Take Care. Will be back soon

Anakin: Yup, bye.

(Anakin promptly responses and his Dad moves towards door where he sees some waste pages and litters scattered on floor, and he speaks to Anakin)

Dad: Anakin, you scattered all these litters here on floor, you dirty boy. Come here and put all this in Dustbin. (He shouts and word Dustbin just echoed in house)

Anakin runs towards there and puts all litters in dustbin and says sorry to dad. His father smiles to him, takes his car, and drives away. Anakin shuts the door and comes inside. He sees Dustbin there and remembers how his father voice echoed in house and he also does same. He shouts Dustbin, Dustbin from one corner and then runs to other corner to listen his echoing voice. Repeats this for 3 or 4 times and then plans to sit and watch Star Wars first part.

He takes the DVD and plays the movie by plugging in his headphones. And movie Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Begins with its captivating voice over that tells about a galaxy which is far, far away. It portrays Jedi as good guys who are in conflict with the Sith, the evil counterpart of Jedi. Interplanetary conflicts along with some fascinating special effects and captivating story line starts hypnotizing Anakin and he watches it with full concentration.

Movie passes its thirty minutes and Anakin sees a character in the movie, named as Anakin Skywalker. Anakin’s fascination increases by seeing some amazing skills of little Skywalker because they both have same first name.

In the movie, Anakin Skywalker has some strong nascent powers of the Force that lets him show some amazingly spellbinding skills. And then, comes the amazing Pod racing sequence. All the moves, twists, and turns of Anakin Skywalker in Pod Racing, rush the adrenaline of Anakin and he just becomes transfixed. Initiation of hypnotization slowly but steadily captivates Anakin completely but suddenly he listens a very loud and almost a deafening voice.

Voice is too loud that Anakin feels as something actually hits on his heart. He pauses the movie for few seconds and then again starts but voice continues roaring. He feels that the voice is coming from his roof. He runs so quickly on the stairs and reaches on the roof, almost beating Usain Bolt and the view that he sees there turns him mesmerized and fixes him on his track.

“Oh, My God, what’s this”, speaks Anakin to himself as he sees magnificently giant Plane of Elliptical Shape (quite unusual for him) that has an aura of white light all around its corner. That bright white light encompasses the whole area and enlightens the night in a bewitching day light. Nothing is visible to Anakin due to shine of that Bright White Light and suddenly light centres around Anakin only and a Huge Front Door of plane opens.

A man dressed in a suit with chest and hand armors looks at the door and in that light the way suit shines Anakin guesses, maybe it’s a suit of Stainless Steel. Anakin waits for him to come down from stairs as that man steps down.

“Hello Anakin, come here son”, speaks that man while aura of that white light is now behind him.

Anakin moves towards him with absolute silence as sound of his every step is audible. He looks absolutely hypnotized and follows what that steel suited man says to him.

“I am Europa, Pilot of this plane and messenger of the Lord Jupiter”, steel suited man speaks to Anakin by slowly moving his hand on Anakin’s hair.

(Anakin responses slowly and quite hesitatingly in that environment of deafening silence)

Anakin: Lord Jupiter’s messenger?

(He somehow manages to speak this much)

Europa: Yes Son, The Lord wants to meet you. I am here to take you to him in this plane.

(He holds the hand of Anakin and Anakin automatically starts moving towards plane and that messenger looks at him and smiles)

Anakin is unable to speak, think, or understand anything. He is just moving in the plane with that messenger. Europa shuts the door of plane and Anakin sees from window that suddenly that bright light turns off and there is all dark on his roof. Europa lets Anakin sit on a seat beside the Pilot’s seat and he himself sits on pilot seat and presses the Power-On Button and just after fraction of seconds he touches the Supersonic Speed Screen and planes flies off from earth with a speed of light.

Plane passes through different moons, stars, comets, asteroids, and planets amidst some devastating dusty storms, freezing icy winds and scorching hot Sun rays of a Desert island of solar system quite easily and reaches into the periphery of Gas Giant Jupiter.


APS (Automatic Planet Sensors) of plane speaks: Plane is entering into the Equatorial Circumference of 439, 264 Km, and temperature of surface of this planet is -108°C. The route allocated for you is in between the moons Callisto & Ganymede.

Europa follows the allocated route and then parks the plane at its place. Anakin looks quite confused and curious still quite fearless but silent. Door opens and Anakin holds hand of Europa who looks at him and gives a pleasant smile. They both move down stairs.

Europa: Son Anakin, from here you’ll go all alone. Just stand on this round platform.

(Points towards a round platform that is just in front of last stair of the plane)

Anakin thanks Europa, leaves his hand, and slowly moves towards that platform while Europa moves back in plane and flies that away.

Just when Anakin stands on that round platform, some automatic sensors get activated and platform starts moving. Now Anakin seems habitual with surprises, so he maintains his calm demeanor and keenly watches different idiosyncrasies of that place. Moving platform automatically stops in front of a huge planetary door. Slowly that door opens in a fraction of seconds Anakin reaches there.

Door leads Anakin into a walloping and beguiling hall that almost sweeps Anakin off his feet for a second, but he controls himself and moves inside. The cyclopean behemothic place has so many video screens showing different functions that are being performed while some robots are operating their programmed functions. Anakin assumes that someone amongst these robots will talk to him and he sees every robot with that suspicion but to his disappointment no one talks to him. But suddenly he listens a sonorous voice: Anakin, My son, Jupiter Welcomes you”.

God Jupiter


Anakin turns towards his left and he turns absolutely fossilized seeing the person who just welcomed him and he automatically and inadvertently speaks out.

Anakin: Oh My God, you look same as the God Jupiter, as I saw you in Mr. Alperstein’s video class. Oh my-my, are you the same King of Gods, the God of Sky, The Great lord Jupiter?

(Anakin seems supremely surprised and automatically all such questions come out of his throat)

“Yes Anakin, I am same Jupiter of Mr. Alperstein’s video class.”, speaks the God Jupiter to Anakin with full of love, care and compassion by bending on his one knee and holding both the hands of Anakin.

Anakin: But, if you are God Jupiter then where is your Eagle?

God Jupiter: Eagle is there Anakin, you little Sherlock Holmes.

(He smiles and points towards his throne left of which Eagle looks sitting).

Anakin: Oh My God, you know about Sherlock Holmes also?

God Jupiter: Yes, I know about Sherlock Holmes, I know about everyone’s mind, body, heart and soul, or even bones. I see, I recognize, and I analyze all of them from my Paradise.

Anakin (mesmerized by the Godly Magic): Okay, my almighty God. So this is Paradise, the Haven that everyone craves for on Earth?

God Jupiter: Too much of articulation of reverence Anakin. You can call me Jupiter only, as I am like your love buddy and…

(Anakin speaks before God could complete his sentence)

Anakin: How can I call you only Jupiter, Sir you are the Great Lord of World, you are the creator, protector, and destroyer of all earthlings and there are so many worshipping religious practices for you.

God Jupiter: Anakin, I do my duty here as all on earth do, as your mother & father do. Primarily I am love buddy to everyone and then, come my duty that is dependent only on the authenticity of regular activity of human beings, nothing else. (He takes a pause of few seconds, looks at Anakin, smiles, and speaks again). Before this one you also asked about paradise or heaven, do you still want to know about that?

Anakin: Off course God Jupiter.

(Anakin surprisingly responses and he never thought that God will be carefully listening every bit and byte coming out of his mouth)

God Jupiter: Then son, listen what I am going to say very carefully. (Anakin looks into eyes of God with absolute concentration which is palpable to God Jupiter too and he continues answering Anakin’s query)

God Jupiter: What in starting I address as Paradise is nothing but the name of my room from where I see, recognize and analyze activities of earthlings whenever I am free. It’s like the same as you have Dining room or Drawing room. But on earth, the presumed concept of heaven or paradise is nothing but just a presumption, way far from the actual scenario. Any sort of religiously dogged practice, that is forcefully followed or preached to follow or any other methods or techniques that are said to apply for revering God on the name of religious duty can never lead to anyone of any religion; to the door of Heaven because in actuality that Heaven or Paradise does not exist.

Anakin: Then in actuality what does all this mean?

(Anakin asks quizzically because the whole setup of room and the way God Jupiter is speaking everything turn him absolutely concentrated)

God Jupiter: I’ll explain it to you Son. Just come with me and meet RXZ V50, he is head of operations here and he manages work of all these Robos.

Anakin: Hey RXZ, how are you Robo?

“RXZ Version50, Anakin” speaks RXZ v50 by correcting Anakin with its full name.

Anakin: Hey, you know my name?

“He knows everything that I want him to know”, speaks God Jupiter.

(Lord Jupiter also says RXZ V50 to continue his work while with Anakin he moves towards a Brobdingnagian Well. Around which all the robots are working and so many giant video screens are also functioning. It looks some sorts of prodigious and behemothic calculation is continuously going on. Anakin with God Jupiter reaches there and he looks absolutely mesmerized with all such captivatingly humongous display. Lord Jupiter notices that and he initiates the conversation again.)


God Jupiter: You must be thinking what’s this well like humongous thing is?

(Speaks in a way to let the Anakin come out of his mesmerized visualization of that place and Anakin promptly responses too)

Anakin: Oh yes for sure. It’s just unending, isn’t so.

God Jupiter: No, it has its end but beyond your power of visualization. This is nothing but Jupiter’s Dustbin.

Anakin: “What, Dustbin; seriously, are you making me nuts. You cannot name this enchanting, innovative, humongous display of technical artistry as Dustbin”.

God Jupiter: Such artistries are quite common here. You’ll see them later but Anakin I’m not kidding you, it’s actually our Jupiter’s Dustbin, where all the dusts in the form of Spirit & Few Bones, Spirit & Some Ashes, Spirit & Some nails or sometimes Spirit & Some hairs come from earth.

Anakin: It’s confusing me, what does all this Spirit, bones, ashes, nails, hair mean to this humongous arrangement which is named as mere Dustbin here?

God Jupiter: The programs and calculations that you are seeing on screen is actually an “Activity Analysis Program” that analyses the activities performed by the human beings when they were alive on earth through their Spirits. The mechanism checks the programmed data of the spirit along with its subsidiaries that can be anything amongst bones, ashes, hairs, or nails of the dead human being. And then as per that data it decides further usability of that spirit.

(Jupiter tries to explain Anakin but Anakin is still confused and he asks God Jupiter to elaborately explain the whole concept)

Anakin: May you please explain it more elaborately as I am lost in all this programmed spirit and its usability concept?

God Jupiter: Okay Anakin, So, listen carefully. “The spirit of earthlings is designed in such a way that it registers all the data related to the activities of that individual in the columns of its registering sheets. Like if an individual performs good act then all the details of that get registered in the column of Good acts and in same way registry of Bad Acts occur too. Along with this, spirit also records some other facts in different other columns like, bad act is a Deliberate Bad Act or an Inadvertent Bad Act, Repentance is Genuine Repentance or Fake Repentance, and some other intrigue details about all the activities that is performed by that human being throughout their life.” And then at the end of the journey of that body on earth, real trick happens.

(After saying this much God Jupiter takes a pause and quizzically looks at the Anakin that if he has any doubt till now, but it seems Anakin is quite clear with all the detailing.)

Anakin: And then what’s that trick is?

(He responses promptly by understanding the meaning of the quizzical look of God Jupiter)

God Jupiter: That trick includes the answer of your query about the heaven or paradise. (Anakin steadily and quite interestingly looks at the God Jupiter and Jupiter continues speaking). Basically, when an individual dies, spirit leaves his body and comes into the Jupiter’s Dustbin along with its subsidiary that can be anything but only one amongst bones, ashes, nails, or hairs decided by spirit as per the nature of death. So, in actuality, the presumed heaven or paradise of earth is nothing but the Jupiter’s Dustbin, as that spirit firstly comes in here into this Dustbin with its subsidiary.

(He takes a pause for few seconds by thinking that Anakin may ask something, but it looks that Anakin understands the entire concept, so he continues again)

God Jupiter:and then with the help of this mechanism, all the coded spirits are decoded and analyzed on the different measures. Billions of prodigious and towering calculations are done and then with the help of that, level of usability of that spirit is decided. Level varies as there are so many measures on which analysis is done and hence the reality behind every activity matters. As per the level of goodness, automatic recycling is done of that spirit into some other forms on any planet of the Solar System.”

(Anakin looks quite pensive while listening this entire concept, it’s also palpable that his curiosity has got some end, but still seems that he needs to know about something else too, and he asks)

Anakin: Okay, so you mean only goodness of day to day regular acts matter, then what about different practices that are preached or forced on earth to follow?

God Jupiter: Yes Anakin, only the goodness of regular acts, love, and compassion for others & for themselves and at the end peace of soul matter. “All other popular practices like Believing God stubbornly, worshiping idols idiotically & stubbornly, forceful necessity of being baptized, going to pilgrimages, having fasts, killing other people for expanding one’s religion, going for martyrdom, etc. are only self proclaimed methods that do not have any actual or meaningful significance. If any such practice provides peace to one’s soul and also to others, and if not peace to others then do not create any harm to others, either mentally, physically or psychologically, then that moral practice can come under the good act but that will further be analyzed as per the different measures of Activity Analysis Program of the Jupiter’s Dustbin.”

Anakin: Okay, so all the religious practices are never created or preached or ordered by Gods to follow?

God Jupiter: No any such practice is said, made, or designed by the Gods. All these are human made practices designed by few of them as per their suitability according to their presumed assumptions, dogged dogmas, or lack of actual knowledge or sometimes as a stratagem to mold the society according to their belief based on some faux pas presumptions. Any individual can fake their activities to others on earth but not to their own conscience and hence through that here we get to know the reason and motive behind every activity by inspecting the spirit.

(Anakin looks quite clear now that makes him have a naturally dazzling smile, God Jupiter also seems happy by seeing his gleaming face. There maintains a silence for some time as Anakin tries to notice the functioning of Jupiter’s Dustbin while Jupiter notices Anakin’s ingenuous yet ingenious demeanor. And then Jupiter breaks the silence)

God Jupiter: So Anakin, all your doubts and confusion about the functioning of this mechanism is clear now?

Anakin: Oh, yes, absolutely. Thanks to you.

God Jupiter: And what about the heaven that earthlings long to get after-life?

(God Jupiter smiles and asks while Anakin also responses quite promptly with a gleaming and smiley face)

Anakin: I can answer it quite clearly now, as I know that in actuality, that presumed Earth’s Heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin and all the dogged practices are either absolute façade or because of lack of knowledge.

God Jupiter: Oh great, you understood everything quite accurately and your articulation is also quite impressive Anakin. Do you know why did I pick you from earth for telling all this?

Anakin: I was just going to ask this question, as it’s the only doubt which is left in mind?

God Jupiter: Because you have such an honest soul with all your ingenuousness that further includes your ingenious brain and powerful imagination. So now, do you want to see anything else on this planet?

(God Jupiter asks to Anakin, who is absolutely delighted by hearing all his adulation. Anakin is also very happy that he is going to see some other marvels here.)

Anakin: Oh yes, off course. Earlier you said me that here are so many other marvels too like this humongous unending well called here as Jupiter’s Dustbin. So, I’d love to see and know about all other marvels too.

(Anakin asks with so much excitement)

God Jupiter: Okay Anakin, I’ll let you watch and understand all the other marvels too. Just follow me.

Speaks God Jupiter and then he moves with Anakin towards the right door of this Brobdingnagian hall. Anakin also follows the same with great excitement but suddenly all the lights of that hall turn off. Anakin is unable to see anything as it is absolutely black in front of him. Anakin blinks his eyes, tries to close and open them, but he does not see anything and then he shouts.

Anakin: Oh my God, I cannot see anything; it’s all dark and black in front of me.

(He shouts with his frightened voice as he finds everything quite spooky in that darkness)

Anakin: God Jupiter, please help me out.

(He shouts again and suddenly he hears an unclear voice, as someone is calling his name Anakin, Anakin---Anakin---)

“Open your eyes Anakin, Hey kid, open your eyes, what happened”, that voice becomes more clear to Anakin now and one time again when he hears his name from the same voice he opens his eyes. Then to his surprise it’s his Dad, calling his name and his mother and granny is also standing there. His eyes open widely.

Dad: Anakin, you are being too sleepy today kid. We have been calling you from outside but you didn’t respond. Your momma became too worried and opened the door with secret key and what we see you are sleeping here in your wide dreams with your paused movie and headphone.

(Asks in a quizzical fashion but everyone is also smiling by seeing Anakin’s face, awaken now but still quite sleepy, with his hair like bear and a cute & infectious smile. Anakin smiles and responses)

Anakin: I was watching movie and that pod race sequence was on but don’t know in between that when I slept.

“Okay kid, no worries, just get up and shutdown your system and be fresh and come to the dinner table. We have bought something special for you.” Granny speaks and Anakin follows her. He shuts down PC and stands up for going towards washroom, while all the conversations that he had done in his dream with God Jupiter is still quite alive.

“And Anakin, be careful next time” His momma says to him. Anakin says yes to her and goes into the washroom. There he stands in front of mirror for sometimes and tries to think about all the incidents. He remembers every bit of his dream, smiles and says to himself, “it was a dream Anakin.” He washes his face and goes to the dinner table. Eats and talks to everyone and tries to look quite normal but still all the mental picture of Jupiter Journey continues to captivate him and with all that captivation he sleeps after finishing his dinner. This night without hearing any story from his granny as there is enough story for him in his head about Jupiter and of that humongous and unending Jupiter’s Dustbin.

[Next Morning (Sunday)]

Anakin wakes up early in the morning; gets ready in some sportswear and moves out of his room. He sees his Dad is walking in lawn, greets him with Good morning, and tells him that he is going to play soccer in the Park. It is Anakin’s every Sunday morning routine, so Dad greets him back and wishes all the best. He reaches to the park but still all the incidents of that Jupiter dream is reminiscent to him and because of that he does not go towards his friends George and other players. He sits on a bench on the other side of playing area and continues interrelating and reminiscing all the different incidents of his dream. After passing sometime like that, he thinks he should go and play.

Anakin stands up for going towards the playing field but suddenly he sees Esmeralda, who is coming towards him and he waits for her as with her he can share some important inputs of his dream. Esmeralda reaches to him, she looks happy and chirpy, and she asks Anakin about his silent sitting there.

Esmeralda: Hey Anakin, I was inquiring about you there in Soccer Game, why are you sitting here and not playing?

Anakin: Hi Esmeralda, in my last night dream, I just saw a fascinating world and I am still in the awe of that.

(Speaks quite calmly)

Esmeralda: (She also looks fascinated by seeing the fascination of Anakin), so what was in that dream?

Anakin: I was on Jupiter with the God Jupiter and everything seemed quite real. I am still not being able to believe that was a dream.

Esmeralda: OMG, really, tell me about that Anakin?

(She asks quite enthusiastically but Anakin’s plan is something different)

Anakin: Yes, I’ll tell you about all of that but firstly tell me what happened with Alperstein Sir’s query session and did you ask my question to him?

Esmeralda: Yes, yes, I did that and he said that he never met God Jupiter but he said that he will for sure meet him after his death because he has followed all the religious practices anyhow. And he also gave all the student who went for query there, a printed booklet about the same topic, contents, and images that were in video.

(She completes as quickly as she can so that she can know about Anakin’s dream and then Anakin smiles and speaks)

Anakin: I knew he will say same about God Jupiter and his meeting with him. I sensed his answer when I was in conversation with God Jupiter and he said me dogged people as Alperstein Sir is; blindly follow those practices without using their own brain.

Esmeralda: OMG Anakin, you are talking like some highly educated philosopher. What happened to you, you really met God Jupiter, and what did he tell you?

(Esmeralda seems bit surprised with Anakin’s way of talking while Anakin is also surprised with his articulation, but he continues)

Anakin: He said me that all the fusses that are prevalent about religion and heaven are just a façade because Earth’s heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin (This one line of God Jupiter was continuously striking in Anakin’s head). And I also saw that dustbin which was unendingly humongous and absolutely automated and artificially intelligent.

(Esmeralda looks absolutely confused but Anakin is the one whom she blindly believes, she somehow thinks that Anakin never says lies to her)

Esmeralda: What are you saying; God Jupiter said you that Earth’s Heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin and you saw that dustbin? How did you reach there and………

(She stops before finishing her question as she notices her caretaker Martha is coming towards her. Martha comes closer to her and speaks)

Martha: Hello Anakin, how are you Son?

Anakin: HI Martha, I am good.

(He is not very happy seeing her there, as because of Martha, he couldn’t complete his Jupiter story. While Martha turns towards Esmeralda and speaks to her)

Martha: Hey Esmee, your momma is back kid. She called and was asking for you. So now we need to go back home.

(Esmeralda looks bit disappointed as she wants to know all about Anakin’s story but she says bye to Anakin as she has to meet her momma who is back home after two days from a session on human psychology)

Esmeralda: Bye Anakin but tell me all about your Jupiter Journey whenever we’ll meet again.

Anakin: Yes for sure.

(And Anakin smiles and says her bye. Martha also says Good Bye to Anakin.)

Martha and Esmeralda come back to home where Esmeralda’s momma is waiting for both of them while in the hand she holds that Printed Notes that Alperstein gave to the students who went to ask query to him.

Martha and Esmeralda enter in the room. Momma hugs her daughter and kisses her cheeks and then speaks to her while Martha enjoys seeing the happy bonding of mother & daughter.

Momma: Hey Esmeralda, so this week’s special video class was about this?

(She shows that Printed Notes of Alperstein to Esmeralda as she was reading that before Martha & Esmeralda reached to home)

Esmeralda: Yes Momma. And I left this one on dining table last night.

(Smiles and ingenuously speaks)

Momma: Okay, and now we’ll again go to that dining table as Momma bought so many things for her heroine Esmeralda.

(Esmeralda happily smiles and runs towards dining table while her Momma and Martha also reaches there simultaneously)

They all sit there and Esmeralda opens some packets, picks a chocolate and starts eating that. Her momma opens some other packets and in between that she is also speaking to Esmeralda and directing Martha to open some other wraps.

Momma: So baby, now you know all about the religions and concepts of Heaven?

Esmeralda: Yes sort of, but Anakin Says Earth’s Heaven is Jupiter’s Dustbin.

(She innocently speaks that to her mother without understanding the shocking impact of this line.)

Momma: What? Anakin said you this but why and who said this to him?

(Asks quite eagerly as she knows such sentence cannot be said by a kid of Anakin’s age while Martha looks almost petrified and frightened by this sentence as for her it’s sort of blasphemy)

Esmeralda: He told me this in the morning, as he said that he met God Jupiter last night and God himself told him that Earth’s heaven is Jupiter’s dustbin.

After saying this Esmeralda runs towards washroom while her mother looks quite surprised and Martha is still frightened and she speaks to Esmeralda’s mother.

Martha: You should stop Esmee from meeting Anakin anymore and speak to her about all this. That boy will make her commit some sins.

Esmeralda’s Mother: “What rubbish Martha; she is not going to commit any sin and Anakin has not told her anything that much wrong. I’ll talk to her but you know before talking to her it is needed to understand why Anakin said this. Because she innocently and absolutely believes what Anakin says in the same manner as normal and gullible people believes whatever these religious fanatics say and do on the name of their religions.”

Martha shows that she gets her points but Esmeralda’s Mother knows that Martha still thinks that Anakin will lead Esmeralda to commit sin someday. But she does not care about that as somewhere down the line she also thinks that the presumed, fanatic, and absolutely dogged religious practices should be put into the dustbin. She arranges all chairs of dining table and moves out of room and looks out into the sky.

Wind is blowing; leaves of the trees are moving with air, all are looking happy as darling nature is rowing its flair.


(Clue: In Anakin’s dream, God Jupiter relates Heaven with Dustbin; and it happens only because before sleeping Anakin shouts the word Dustbin 3 to 4 times, from different corners of his room, just for comparing the echoing impact of his voice to his father's echoing voice. That’s why the word Dustbin stays in his subconscious mind and plays one of the most significant roles in his dream.)

© 2015 Shivendra Tiwari


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