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Burden on Heart of Lover (2)

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I have decided to do

Anything to get my heart

Of hearts desire fulfilled

crossing rivers and barriers climbing mountains

In the meanwhile, before the

Physical desire becomes fulfilled

I have decided to stealthily

Touch you, romance you, kiss you, feel you

Through my message I am doing this

Because I have placed you

Before my very presence

Figuring usnout being side by side

Know Darling love that

Words cannot describe

My love for you saying

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I miss you is an understatement

I do not know stronger words

To use to tell you my heart

Feelings, to tell you how

"Much" you mean to me

How i wish we be together now

Being in each others arms and laps

Mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue

Listening to each others pumping organs

It is my dream that we

Fly away together to an

Unknown place, solitary place

Called palace of love

Being alone in our world

Having fun, romancing,

Feeding you, as you gently

Place your head on my laps

My head will rest in between

The two "pillows" on your chest

In the valley surrounded by

The two hills in your chest

There i shall find reast and

Sleep like a newborn babe

Free of worries and anxieties

Dreaming of new love, new world, new care

My hand shall run through

Your hairs the sensations in

Your ears shall be that

Of my palms

With my arm across your shoulders

Ishall give you the wine of love

New wine from the "wine-press"

My love, My Pride, your love intoxicates me.


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