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Burden on Heart of Lover (1)

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Lovers who live (millionth of) miles apart cannot but have the desire of getting close to the one and only person they cherished most in their lives, the one they day and night dreamt about, the one whom when they remember him/her their faces become brightened, getting internal joy of happiness and forgetting their sorrows because they know someone cares and really loves him in the world, though all the world may not.

However because of distance which could arise from myriad of reasons in this age, they are not together at the moment their hearts desire each other.

The burden to be with the person, to cool himself of is what this short work is based on, what the man feels hoping to be by the side of his lover, though he has been separated from her....

Oh my love,

I want to talk with you

I Want to play with you

I want to be where you are now

This is the burden in my heart

This burden has been there for long

Handling you, kissing you

But the distance is there.

The distance between us

Though has prevented this

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Physical intimacy and closeness

To come into place

Yet because it is a burden

Strong burden that has been

Well laid on my heart

I desire to do this than ever

Time and times without number

Have this been impressed

On my heart of hearts to kiss you

Play with you and warmly romance you

I am seeking for means

Of bringing to pass this

Burning desire of love

In my feeble heart....


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