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Bulletin: Men's Pleated Pants and White Socks Have Vanished

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Pleated pants: always stylish.

Pleated pants: always stylish.

Folks, Here We Are in 1945

progress, prosperity rule the nation with the war being over. Men (and women) find work is plenteous in several auto plants and the Federal Government gives our soldiers their G.I. Bills and many use them to start that new home that the pretty wives had wanted. Talk about a rainbow and hummingbird type of America. I guess it was great. But then I had not be born.

Frankly speaking, I have exhausted the reservoirs of wisdom that hold the answer as to who created the pleated pants? I do not know. I do know that during my dad's Military service, pleated pants had not seen the light of day before he came home. But in 1947 to 1950, you could not throw a rock in any direction unless you saw guys wearing nice-looking pleated pants.

But to clarify, in my dad's days back home, younger guys including teenagers did not wear pleated pants. Jeans were the "in" trousers for male teenagers, and for Sunday worship, they did wear nice black pants, but with no pleats. Seemingly, pleats were like a secret code that you used to get entrance into a secret society with all sorts of paintings on the wall of the history and evolution of pleated pants. They were that popular.

Men in My Younger Years

only wore pleated pants such as: taking the wife out for her anniversary dinner, going to a high-level factory or office meeting where the CEO would be there to talk about yearly-profits, dividends, and such. Men also wore pleated pants when they wanted to take their wives out for dancing at an important men's club as to not have to let that many people see the gent's in pleated pants and cause some embarrassment.

Could be that early on, pleated pants were the equivalent to some type of hallucinogenic that teenagers used to go on "trips." Pleated pants did cause that much of a social stir. But I can assume that one of the best reasons or men wearing pleated pants was because the men who had "made it" at their factory or office, wore pleated pants and I hate to say this but, men who chose to farm for feeding their families did not wear anything but jeans or overalls. Sure, these men did have pleated pants, but only got to wear them at family reunions. Nowhere else. Do you smell the awful aroma of discrimination?

Why Shouldn't Men Wear Pleated Pants

is quite simple. Pleated pants suddenly went out of style. I say suddenly because it was more like a seen today and gone tomorrow type of relationship pleated pants had with the men folk who loved pleated pants in America.

And because the price of manufacturing pleated pants was the second strike against them because when pants were pleated, it led to a lot more material in making the popular pleated pants.

Men Who Did Wear Pleated Pants

Men such as . . .
⦁ Doctors
⦁ Scientists
⦁ Writers
⦁ Musicians (Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Nat King Cole)
⦁ Salesmen (car salesmen, aluminum siding, roofing)
⦁ Librarians

Just to name a few.

Before I Go

I would love to ask the same question about who created pleated pants as to who created the All-American icon: men's white socks. But sadly, like the pleated pants, I could not find out who was behind them. For the pants and socks debacle, I take full-responsibility for not being able to get the answers.

Whtl I remember about men's white socks was the tops of the socks had a small strand of elastic that held the socks onto dad's shins so he would not just look sharp, but be warm as toast when he was at work in the winter time.

I can also remember my dad when Saturday evening rolled around and his work was finished, he would get (as he said) a good bath, get some clean clothes and head to town. Of course with my mom. These two always had a great time no matter where they were. But my dad, like all American menfolk, would roll the tops of their white socks all the way down to their ankles. For what reason? Fad, if you ask me. But the men, and my dad, loved it.

Musical fact: the late Country Music singer, Johnny Russell, had a hit with his song, "Red Necks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer," I loved Russell for his honest view that he always showed to his materials. This one song is so well-written that you can really imagine what it is like to be at a popular bar room with sawdust on the floor, a jukebox in he corner, and a gang of good ol'boys with white socks at the bar trolling for girls.

In 2021, What I'd Love to See

is a complete comeback and revival of pleated pants and white socks. I didn't stutter. I mean it. It is high time that some item such as pleated pants once ruled the fashion world. You know it. I know it. Soon the fashion guru's in upper New York City will walk into their plush offices and there it will be: a national, popular men's fashion magazine, thick with the newest pleated pants photos with highly-paid male models wearing them on numerous, nationwide cat walks to be covered by all major news services, newspapers, podcasts and anywhere ads can be bought or sold. Pleated pants are just around the corner.

Note: I was not wearing pleated pants or white socks when I wrote this hub. I do not have any, so if any of you . . .should . . .want . . .to . . .send . . .(you know the rest).

March 03, 2021_____________________________________________________

Love those all-American white socks.

Love those all-American white socks.

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Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on March 05, 2021:

My husband has a lot of pleated pants that he never uses. I think they were the in-thing in the 80s. I think white socks may be coming back. I saw BTS, a Korean singing group, wearing white socks.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 04, 2021:

Styles come and go. Stay tuned! They may become popular again. Would you have ever believed that holes in jeans would be high fashion?

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 03, 2021:

Kenneth, I remember having a couple of pair of pleated pants. But you are right, suddenly they were no longer worn. Thanks for the interesting read.

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