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Brainwashing Entertainment Style: A Satirical Prose in Rhymes

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


Watching a sitcom we don't need our brain

a laughter soundtrack tells us when to laugh

don't you find such brainwash just a bit insane

as if you can't tell when the line is funny enough.

They might as well come up with a sobbing sigh

at a poignant story filled with sadness and fear

a soundtrack to suggest to you it's time to cry

just to make sure that won't make you cheer.

I am not following any conspiracy theory lead

and I don't buy stories of elite's secret agenda

to covertly cultivate a worldwide moronic breed

but giving up our minds is too much to surrender.

That political manipulation with attractive sugar coat

already counts on our limited malfunctioning brain

with well tested strategies to secure our vote

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a familiar practice of a gain without pain.

The World War Two movies are always in season

like there are no happy mankind stories to tell

Hitler's name ever popular for some reason

world not ready to cure its neurotic spell.

Now, isn't it a sort of crazy what we find amusing

with all that idiotic stuff where we get our thrills

making you wonder, is brain winning or losing

long battle with stupidity that history reveals.

And that screaming in notes, a musical perversion

that's evoking from our depths a primordial ape

merely accentuating our primitive version

with rap being a short for musical rape.

Our entertainment defines what we are

it's disclosing what really makes us tick

leaving in each of us just a cultural scar

using every available manipulative trick.

© 2022 Val Karas

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