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Brain Exercise and Improves Vocabularys with Books Reading

Importance of Reading Books

A new study suggests, Reading books and magazines, writing, and participating in other mentally stimulating activities, can help to keep memory and thinking skills intact. Basically reading forces you to use your brain. Each book and novel that you read is an opportunity to learn something new and discover something new about yourself. When we read about other people it introduces the idea we’re all different, we have flaws, things are not always perfect and that's okay. By reading you will become better in communication, you will improve your knowledge on Different topics.


Good Brain Exercise

  • The Benefits of Reading Books in Reading is the best way to increase mental stimulation. Reading is a great activity because it can increase imagination and sharpen the brain. Reading isn't just a way to sharpen your brain. It's a way to rewire how your brain works in general. It strengthens your ability to imagine alternative paths, picture detailed scenes, and think through complex problems.

    What It Can Positively Affect Your Life. Books Reading can also Increase a lot of your Builds vocabulary.

    • Reading Before Bed

    Most Doctors suggest reading as part of a regular sleep routine. Dr. David Lewis found that 'reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68 percent. Doctors also recommend that you read somewhere other than your bedroom if you have trouble falling asleep. Using the Following You will Boost Your Sleep.


Benefits of Daily Reading

Daily readers know that reading makes them feel good and they enjoy getting lost in a good story.

A person who reads every day gets better at it over time. It can even improve memory and critical thinking skills and you will be increasing your knowledge

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Reading Reduces Stress

Stress Is a Common Problem In Modern Life. Reading is proven to reduce stress and increase relaxation. Scientifically, reading helps at reducing blood pressure and easing muscle tension. If you read an imaginary book it feels like a movie is playing inside your head. It’s a beautiful experience. Reading Different Books will Boost Memory Improvement and Better Focus and Enhances Your Imagination.

My Experience

I read many kinds of books, and due to this improve my memory and critical thinking skills. I fond of search different knowledgeable books that boost my brain strain skills and imaginations. I think there is no age to learn. you are learning into whole your entire life.


Muhammad Zaman (author) from Pakistan on June 18, 2021:


Lady Dazy from UK on June 18, 2021:

Nice to know that reading is good for us. I read a lot myself.

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