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Bottle Ghost


Bottle Ghost


Bottle Ghost

After Ansuya's wedding, she came to her mother-in-law's house and saw that her mother-in-law was very angry. Husband Sudam is a child of great calm. But her sister-in-law is a badass. He puts all the housework on the new bride. If you can't work, the applicant scolds you. Ansuya sits down and cries. He doesn't say anything to anyone. Since Sudam's parents died, Jejema has adopted him. So he doesn’t dare to talk about her at all. That's why so many judges are oppressed.

One day, because of the unbearable pain, he went to the forest to commit suicide at night. At that time, a Tantric demon was searching for him. He talked to Ansuya and heard everything.

"I don't want to live anymore," she said. But tell me how to die easily. ”

Tantric handed her a bottle and said, "Daughter, it is a great sin to commit suicide." You take this bottle; There is a ghost in it. When he opens it, he will come out and do whatever you want him to do, and then he will go into the bottle himself. Then we will stop and stop immediately. After doing this a hundred times, you will release him. But be careful not to harm anyone with demons. ” Ansuya then thanked the tantric and grabbed the bottle and went home.

The next morning, as soon as he woke up, Jejeshashu Mangala shouted, "Hello, Podamuhi, there is a festival tomorrow. Haven't cleaned the house yet? No leeches were given at the door. We will arrange for Ambadal etc. I think your laziness will make our festivals this year. Go quickly and work. ”

Ansuya thought that her parents were coming to celebrate tomorrow. So he will cook a variety of foods. But on Tuesday, the housework did not go unnoticed.

Just then, I remembered the unseen demon. As soon as he opened it, the demon came out. Ansuya told her her sad story. The demon comforted Ansuya and did everything herself. Mangala told Ansuya to work and fell asleep again. When you wake up, you see that everything is beautifully decorated. Then he went to the dining room and saw that a variety of delicious food was being prepared. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. He wondered how Ansuya had done so much alone. He remained silent that day without insulting Ansuya.

The next day, Ansuya's parents arrived. Mangala praised Ansuya very much. After two days of rejoicing, they returned; I thought the girl was in the mother-in-law's house with great joy.

Then Mangala harassed Ansuya again, saying, “Clean up asana masana is all around. Bring a large bowl to the well and fill it with water. Cook as soon as possible. ” After giving up the work, he went to talk to the neighbors. He opened the bottle, took out the demon, and did all the work.

Seeing all this, Mars was startled. He wondered how this was possible. Then he said, "Well, saltwater, salt." The clothes are getting worse. Take the clothes and wash them in the river quickly. ”

Anu said, "All right."

"It simply came to our notice then. Take your clothes and wash them in the river. You can't take so many clothes together. Bring some clothes and bring some glass. Put the dirty clothes on and take them to another wash, otherwise, we won't be able to. Go quickly. ”

"There's a lot of wind there," Anu said. Shall I dry the clothes there? ”

“Yes, dry it there. I'll come and see for myself. " With that, he went to talk to the neighbors.

Anu went to the river. The ghosts wore clothes. He dug a hole and tied a rope around it to dry the clothes. She sits on the shore of Annapurna and guards her clothes. Mars came and was shocked to see them all. Whoever did that much work? Still, he did not praise Anu. "It simply came to our notice then. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. So whoever does his job, I have an idea what can he do for me? ” From that day on, Mangala allows Anu to do all the hard work and Anu easily performs all the tasks with demons. In this way, her days are cut short.

The demon came out of the bottle eighty times in two months. What will happen next just two more times now? Anu was very worried about this. Then she sat in a corner of the house and cried.

Going to work on Mars Sepat, he looked at Anu and got up and said, “What happened to you? Looks like you're sitting in great comfort. The well water is very salty. "Let's go quickly and get the water out of the well and pour the river water into the well."

When Mangala left, Anu took out a bottle and told the demon everything. "I don't know if it's your conscience or not," he said angrily. You are going through hard work day by day. Can't anyone imagine bringing the river water into a well? Don't you have any sympathy for me? No mercy Is that your wish? ”

Then Anu said, "Don't you see how helpless I am?" What do I like to do for you That's all there is to it. I'm forced to hurt you. "Think about what can be done to get rid of her."

The demon begged for mercy and said, "After this work, you will finish the eternal work." Then what would you do if the only thing was done? ”

"I will try to commit suicide again after you leave," Anu said.

The demon thought for a while, "Then you do something." My grandson was also a great boy. I abused his wife very much. That is why I have been serving you as a demon. This Mars is also right.

That's working. You will remember me when he gives you work. As soon as I arrived, he would tell me, "Kill it." I will kill Mangala effortlessly and imprison her in this bottle and leave. Then he will be a ghost-like me and will be in the bottle, and now he will atone for the sin that he is committing because of the oppression he is committing against you. He will do your work for the rest of your life. Now I am going to fill the well with water. ”

Mangala came to see Anu and saw the Thai ghost in the doorway and heard everything. Now he knows what has been going on for so long. Then his fear changed. "She is OK. After a hundred works, the demon got rid of the bottle and went on his way. There was also peace in their homes.

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