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Books With a Christmas Theme


A Gingerbread Cafe Christmas

This is a rather sweet story about a young divorced woman named Lil who is still very much in love with her former husband even though he treated her very badly. That is until she meets anew love interest and then she finds her loyalties are divided.

Not very much like Christmas so far, you may be thinking, but the Christmas season is very much a backdrop to this tale.

This is because the story begins some weeks before and during the build up to Christmas when Lil is trying to make a living from the cafe and catering company that she owns and runs with her good friend., an older woman named CeeCee. They are trying to sell seasonal produce and run Christmas themed events , they are doing very well until they notice that they have competition.

A young man named Damon has opened a similar business across the road and he seems to be charming all of Lil`s customers. That is until he charms Lil herself and they join forces .

There is a rather large emphasis on food in this story . The descriptions of the Christmas food being made and sold by the characters in the book are really mouth watering and will make you feel hungry while reading.

`A Gingerbread Cafe Christmas' was written by Rebecca Raisin who has written many other books including another two in the Gingerbread Cafe series.


Get the tissues ready

You will definitely need to get a box of tissues or a hankie ready when you read this Christmas story.` Wish Upon a Star' is a story about a woman named Cally who finds herself about to become a single mother when her partner goes off with somebody else before she knew she was pregnant with her daughter Stella. This of course is nothing unusual , it happens in stories and real life all the time. But what makes this story so sad is that Stella is a very poorly child .

So the story involves poor Cally not only having to look after an ill child, but having to work to support them both. She does not normally have time for romance , but somebody new comes into her life and the chance of love is there for her.

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Once again Christmas is the backdrop to this story ,as it is with other books by the same author. Wish upon a star was written by Trisha Ashley who has also written other books including;

The Magic of Christmas

Twelve days of Christmas

A Christmas Cracker


The Nursemaid`s Secret

The Nursemaids Secret is a Christmas story about a young maid named Tilly. The story begins in Victorian London one Christmas when Tilly is working as a maid of all work for a rich lady and her daughter. Just before Christmas she is sent away to look after and ill child who is a relative of her employer. She is sent to the Isle of Sheppey to stay in the home of a family known as the Searles. Tilly soon fits in well with the Searle family and they soon get to like her.

Tilly is hoping that she can start a new life in this new place with these nice people, but unfortunately there are secrets in Tilly`s past that may hinder her progress with this.

My opinion of Christmas stories.

At the end of the autumn each year I find that a nice way to start getting into the Christmas mood is to read a book with a Christmas theme. The books that I have written short reviews about on this page are only a few of the Christmas stories that I have read over the past few years. As I read new Christmas books , I will be adding reviews of them to this page. Of course there are many of these books out there because Christmas is a popular subject for authors to write about. Many of these books are either sad or romantic in some way. Ghost stories are also a popular subject for Christmas themed books .

Of course Christmas stories are not a new thing because there are many classic stories with a Christmas theme, and I love reading these old Christmas stories as much as the modern ones.

There are also plenty of non fiction books with Christmas as the main subject such as cookery books, craft books, children`s books, history books etc.

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