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Books to Read in Spring '22


No Land to Light On

Here is a very sad story of two young people who met while living in America. Sama and Hadi had both come from Syria but they had left that country for different reasons. Sama went to America in 2010 to get an education and a better life, at first she was lonely but she soon settled in. A few years later, Hadi had to flee his homeland fearing for his life, he was a refugee.

They met in 2015 when they soon fell in love. Just over a year later they had married and were expecting their first child. They were looking forward to giving their new family a lovely future in America, but then something awful happened. Hadi found out that his father had died. This meant that Hadi had to return to Syria to organise the funeral. There was more bad news to come when Hadi was on his way back to America and he found he was not allowed back into the country due to a travel ban from certain countries. This meant that he would now have to be apart from his wife and soon to be born child.


It Could Never Happen Here

At the start of this story a dead body has been found . The victim has drowned and the local police need to find out why this has happened to a well known and respected member of the community. Was the person murdered, or was it suicide or were they just the victim of a tragic accident?

This story takes place in what seems to be a respectable community where the residents all know each other (or they think they do). But are things always as straightforward as they seem? The main characters in the story are the pupils and parents who are involved with the local primary school. The pupils are putting on a musical which has come to the attention of a national media company who are scouting for new talent amongst school age children. Of course this makes the pushy parents involved in the musical even more ambitious for their offspring to be noticed and they all become more competitive than usual.

In addition to all this there is a scandal unfolding involving the children of the community and their use of technology. This book brings to light many of the problems that modern children are likely to encounter through new technology like mobile phones and the internet.


The Cornish Captive

This is the story of Madeleine Pelligrew who is a fictional character. The story is set in Cornwall in 1800 when Madeleine has just been released from a madhouse. She should never have been put in a madhouse in the first place because she was not mad, just unhappy because she had lost her baby, her home and the husband that she loved dearly.

After being released she decided to find out more about the people who had put her in the madhouse. While looking for evidence while working in the house that had once been hers, she managed to find out some very disturbing facts about her late husband. He had kept many secrets from her and he was not the man that she thought he had been.

While on this mission Madeleine meets somebody who could be the love of her life, but is she ready to love and trust again?

More Information

The Cornish Captive was written by Nicola Price. While researching this book I came across Nicola`s website which I found very useful and interesting because it tells the reader more about the background to Nicola`s books .

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Her other books include

  • Pengelly`s Daughter
  • The Cornish Dressmaker
  • The Captain`s Girl
  • The Cornish Lady
  • A Cornish Betrothal

Remember my Name

Remember my Name is the story of what happened when Cressida Howard overhears a phone conversation between her husband Laurence and a woman called Nina. Cressida suspects her husband is having another one of his affairs and sets out to find out more.

Cressida may have been given a posh name but she came from a humble background. She was bullied at school and by chance one day, a bully made a remark that was to change Cressida`s life forever. We are not told exactly what the bully said but whatever it was encouraged Cressida to work hard at her school so that she could be sent to a better school where the pupils were posher. It was through a friend at her new school that she met her future husband Laurence and his wealthy family. Cressida married young and her daughter was born soon after.

After marrying into a wealthy family , Cressida enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle and at the start of the story she has her own company, a nice home and a daughter she adores . But all is not well in her marriage because she has suspected her husband has had affairs in the past. After 18 years of this she has had enough and she wants to leave him. So she hires an investigator to find out what has been going on..

What she finds is that there is more to this than meets the eye. This story involves murder, poisoning, blackmail , cybercrime and some very dodgy deals that will affect everybody involved in the book and will have long lasting consequences on all their lives.

Useful information

Remember my Name is written by Sam Blake who is a well known author. Her other books include

  • Little Bones
  • In Deep Water
  • The Dark Room
  • No Turning Back
  • Keep Your Eyes On Me

Mothers and Daughters

This is a story about a family of three grown up women who all have very different personalities.
The mother is a lady named Naomi who is a relatively new widow in her early sixties. We get the impression that she was previously rather a downtrodden wife who often went along with what her husband wanted just to keep the peace. But there was another side to her character that we discover as the story goes on. After a short time of being a widow, Naomi finds an old friend of hers has moved into the house next door to where she lives. She has not seen this man for some time and when they meet up, they find that old feelings are rekindled.
Naomi has two grown up daughters , Martha and Willow who are both adults and living away from home. They have issues in their own lives , but everything is about to change when they find out about their mother`s new love interest.

More books by the Author

Mothers and Daughters was written by a well known author named Erica James who has written at least fifty other books including;

  • Summer at the Lake
  • Song of the Skylark
  • The Dandelion Years
  • Tell it to the Skies
  • Coming Home to Island House
  • The Hidden Cottage

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