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Book Review: "Diary of a Haunting" by M. Verano


Book Review

Review Of "Diary Of A Haunting" by M. Verano.

Written in the style of a online personal journal, this book takes us on a journey inside the mind of a disgruntled teen girl. Unsettled by her parent's divorce, Paige moves from Los Angelos, California to a small town in Idaho with her mother and younger brother. The book follows her reluctant introduction to the new high school and her attempt to adapt to her much colder and more rural surroundings.

But something just doesn't seem right about the old house her family is renting. Flies and spiders are rampant throughout the home, and a bizarre buzzing noise can be heard from one of the rooms. Worse yet, electronics keep malfunctioning, and Paige's younger brother has started behaving in erratic and unexplained ways. Although this book isn't as long as most other novels, it has a nice build - up of strange occurences and a bizarre atmosphere that most fans of paranormal fiction will appreciate.

"Diary Of A Haunting" contains photographs that enhance the book

"Diary Of A Haunting" contains photographs that enhance the book

Rather than attributing the events in the house to a single spirit or entity, the source is believed to be Pronoica, a mysterious, cult - like spiritual practice that is heavily tied to the history of the home.

The ending of this book was powerful and fit nicely with the story. I felt that the writing was reasonably accurate of a journal. One interesting thing to note is how the writing evolved as the book progressed. What started off as ramblings of a teenage girl quickly evolved to become a more mature and descriptive voice. It can be argued that the main character, Paige, was being manipulated or changed by whatever force resided in the house.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I felt most readers of supernatural fiction would like it, despite it not truly being a classic horror novel. This book would probably be suitable for most young adults, although there are some minor adult themes and a few swear words. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the black - and - white photographs that are sprinkled throughout the book.

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Although I have few complaints about this story, I do wish it was longer. I felt this was a fantastic idea, but at times the writing felt rushed. I think this story would have been executed better if it was lengthier, more detailed, and delved more into Pronoica and the history of the house.


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