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The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon: A Book Review

I am a fan of Sidney Sheldon and have read many of his novels. So I feel compelled to write this book review on one of his popular novels.


I was having a lot of leisurely time but soon got bored with it. The Eureka moment struck me seconds later. Why don’t I write a review on one of my favorite authors, Sidney Sheldon’s novel titled, “The Best Laid Plans”?

Love Book Reviews?

Love Book Reviews?

About the Book

In the novel, an elegant and attractive lady, Leslie Stewart is a public relations and advertising executive at the Kentucky firm, Bailey & Tomkins. One day at work, she finds a client, Oliver Russel who wants them to help him run for the Governor of Kentucky. Oliver was on the billboards and on television. But all of that has been stopped, and he is down in the polls.

The more Leslie tries various ways to raise him in the polls, the more futile it becomes, and it seems hopeless. But Leslie is fast falling in love with Oliver and wants to try harder for his campaign.

In no time, both Leslie and Oliver begin to love each other and at the climax of their love, Oliver proposes to her and Leslie accepts.

Then both of them are making arrangements for their wedding. Leslie orders a wedding gown and chooses a maid of honor. Oliver, in turn, does his shopping for the wedding and selects his best man. Guests are all invited. And they are due to be married at the Calvary Chapel Church.

In the meantime, Oliver comes up with the news that he has to be in Paris on urgent business. Leslie is worried and anxious.

She does not hear from him for days. But the AI Towers, Associated Press calls her to get a quote from her now that Oliver is married to Senator Todd Davis’s daughter in Paris.

Leslie gets the shock of her life. But still, she is in for more shock. Oliver and his new bride get married again in Calvary Church, the very church Oliver and Leslie were destined to marry.

Senator Todd Davis is actually the influential man who was helping Oliver initially to run the campaign for Governor. And Oliver is engaged to his daughter in the hopes of marrying her. A misunderstanding with Todd’s daughter leads Oliver to disconnect from them and join Leslie’s firm for help and therefore, the chain of events.

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The story goes on in an exciting way how Oliver craves for power while Leslie craves for revenge. But in the end, Leslie fails. On the other hand, Oliver becomes ultimately the President.

What I find alarming about the story is that Leslie has a deceiving father who gets separated early in her childhood, and she loses her mother also who dies from a broken heart. Leslie picks up herself and putting one foot ahead of the other, graduates from college and joins her current job. She meets Oliver who seems like a promising would-be husband. But then like her father, Oliver also abandons her. The fact that Leslie fails at her revenge is quite pitiful. But on the other hand, revenge may not always be the best option. Almighty God is watching all over us and He knows best what is right for us. He will give us anything we deserve. Perhaps the marriage of Leslie with Oliver was not a sign of good omen after all!

I highly recommend you buy and read this novel authored by the world’s favorite storyteller, Sidney Sheldon.

About the Author

Sidney Sheldon is the author of several other number one international bestsellers such as, “The Other Side of Midnight”, “A Stranger in the Mirror”, “Bloodline”, “Rage of Angels”, “Master of the Game”, “If Tomorrow Comes”, “Windmills of the Gods”, “The Sands of Time”, “Memories of Midnight”, “The Doomsday of Conspiracy”, “The Stars Shine Down”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Morning, Noon and Night” and many more. Several of his novels have been converted into highly successful television miniseries.

He has written screenplays and also created television series which he produced. He is now included in the Guinness Book of Records as, “The Most Translated Author”.

Mr. Sheldon and his wife live in southern California and London.

The Best Laid Plan's Front Cover

The Best Laid Plan's Front Cover

The Best Laid Plan's Back Cover

The Best Laid Plan's Back Cover

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Rosina S Khan (author) on May 04, 2020:

Yes, you will most likely enjoy reading Sidney Sheldon's, "The Best Laid Plans". He is one of my most favorite novel writers. I have read several others authored by him, which I found equally intriguing. I am happy to provide the review. Hopefully you will purchase it and have an interesting and worthwhile read.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 04, 2020:

I'm always looking for a good book to read. Thanks for the review.

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