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Book of Love

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Book of Love - kitaab e ishq


In book of Love

Eveyone likes books

True fellow

It happens

Who accompanies every page in every journey

And he never leaves.

Admittedly, the journey of love is not easy

If you find 'Amrita'

So does not leave it in the middle like 'Sahir'.

Book of Love and True Companion

Not everyone's luck

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If he gets

So no one like him is lucky in this world.

He brings 'Pritam' from all the places

Every moment, every moment, like 'Imroz',

which plays together.

This is the story of love

Remembrance of what you have read

Who is lonely here!

There is a story going on with everyone

In someone's memories, in someone's words.

Our worship is to remember the way

It is natural to forget the books.

In the same way,

Walking along with a fellow human is the right Motive of the life.


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