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Book Review: " You are Worth It, Building a Life Worth Fighting For" by Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter is a true inspiration and an American hero.

Kyle Carpenter is a true inspiration and an American hero.

"You are Worth It Building a Life Worth Fighting For" is a great book about resilience, perseverance, triumph over evil, and staying motivated when the odds are stacked against you. The book was written by the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient of the United States who is currently a medically retired Marine. Kyle Carpenter received the Medal of Honor, the highest military honor, for throwing himself on a grenade to protect other Marines and military personnel in Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2010.

Kyle Carpenter's Daily Mantra

I don't know what I want to do or how I am going to do it or where I might end up, but as long as I work hard, try to do the right thing, try to be a good person, and try to help people—I can't go wrong doing that."

— Kyle Carpenter

"It Starts at Home"

Carpenter put a great emphasis on the importance of having strong families and raising good citizens in this country, things that he says "start at home". He was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on October 19, 1989, then raised by his parents Jim and Robin Carpenter. He grew up with two brothers—Peyton and Price. He credits much of his success to to his upbringing and coming from a family where his parents had a good marriage and did what they thought was right as far as raising children in hopes of steering them to turn out to be good human beings. He claimed that the competition doubted him as being a threat when he played football in high school because he was only five foot seen inches tall. However, he was a good player. He is a very humble person, very down to Earth, and spoke about his first job, his two siblings entering his life, and going to high school before making the decision to join the Marines.


In the book, Carpenter puts emphasis on the training he received in military boot camp and how it contributed to his success. He claims that some of his superiors saw something in him and some did not. This left him with an ability to distinguish a good leader from a bad one and gave him a deciphering ability when dealing with people and how to delegate what person to what task. He saw the capabilities and worth in other people in his combat unit, especially the medics. He did not see himself as the only one having worth or value in his military combat unit or in life in general.

The Book

The Recovery

The main focus of the book is the recovery time in the hospital after he jumped on the grenade. The years he spent in the hospital were very grueling and not a whole lot of people believed that he was going to survive being blown up by a grenade. He was pronounced brain dead twice. Despite the fact that the recovery was very long, arduous, and difficult his family supported him as well as did numbers of other people. Even though there were many times when he could have just given up and stopped trying, he never gave up because as he put it he was "worth fighting for".

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Kyle Carpenter sustained serious injuries for his sacrifice.

Kyle Carpenter sustained serious injuries for his sacrifice.

Self Sacrifice

Even though by Carpenter's selfless sacrifice meant he was forced into medically retiring from the Marines, he still used his life to try to help others. He went on to obtain a college degree and work a job countering terrorism. Kyle Carpenter is a motivational speaker, runs marathons, and even the title of his book, "You are Worth It," is being used in a manner that is supposed to build up other people and make them feel better about themselves. The book is intended to help people who have faced difficulties and encourage them. It is a story of an American hero.

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