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Book Review: "You Don't Know My Story - God's Miracles Are Real"

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes about spirituality as well as many other topics.


Everyone who is struggling with life issues should read this book. It is filled with stories and testimonies about one woman's faith and belief in God. Her book is an assignment from God to share the miracles surrounding her life so others can be opened to God's miracles as well.

About the Book

The book, You Don't Know My Story - God's Miracles Are Real by writer Regina Chambers, is a quick read. Once you start reading it, you will not want to put it down. That's because you will be able to relate to some of her personal stories that will give you hope concerning your own struggles.

Regina shares her memoir based on her personal fact-based stories of faith to help others who are struggling with life challenges. She says she is confident that once people read the inexpensive book, they will be provoked to purchase one to give to someone they know who is struggling just as she has struggled over the years.

You Don't Know My Story - God's Miracles Are Real was released on February 22, 2021. The 68-page book can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $11.99 in either paperback or Kindle format.

Regina's book is easy to read. It can be read from cover to cover, or any of the powerful 12 chapters can be read over and over in one sitting. The author writes how she depended on God when others would have given up.

Throughout the small book, Regina shares how a BIG God performed miracles and how she realized they were miracles that only God could perform. She explains how she trusted and believed in the God she serves because He can do everything but fail.

The book is Regina's memoir of faith, trust, and dependence on God as she has lived through times of struggle. Because the author firmly believes God rescued and saved her, she wants readers to know God will do the same for them.

In You Don't Know My Story - God's Miracles Are Real, Regina acknowledged her mother, Estelle Music Goode who lived from 1924 to 1966. She also dedicates her book to her big sister, Jackie Ann Washington, who raised her and her brother after the death of their mother. When Regina introduces Jackie to people, she said she is her "Sister Mom."

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Chapter Headings

  • Chapter 1: Miracles Are Real
  • Chapter 2: The Lord Took It Away
  • Chapter 3: Car Accidents
  • Chapter 4: Child Birth
  • Chapter 5: Never Lost But Found
  • Chapter 6: When Death Calls
  • Chapter 7: Nothing But a Drink
  • Chapter 8: I Almost Let Go (Part 1)
  • Chapter 9: I Almost Let Go (Part 2)
  • Chapter 10: Man Said "No" And God Said "Yes"
  • Chapter 11: The Word + Prayer = Praise
  • Chapter 12: My Testimony

The book ends with some of the author's poetry and pages for book owners to write their own reflections, testimonies, and prayers.

About the Author

Regina Chambers shares her memoir of personal stories of faith and trust in God at times when she saw no way out of her troubles. She didn't write the book for recognition or monetary gain. Instead, she wrote it as a testimony to what God can and will do when people trust Him with their whole hearts. The author's goal was to show how depending on God can get people through the worst of times. Regina explains in detail how God performed miracles in her life over and over again.

Regina says even though she is just an everyday person, she is also a special person because she is a child of God who serves and listens to Him when He speaks to her. She acknowledges that the book is the result of an assignment from God so that others will not take His power for granted. By reading the book, Regina wants God to be glorified and people to be edified.

In Regina's own words, she says she lives a simple life in Richmond, Virginia as a wife and a mother of one adult son, grandmother of four, and great-grandmother of one precious little boy. Additionally, she is a pet mother to Maxwell, Mom and Dad's beloved doggie.

The writer of this book loves to worship and praise the Lord. She and her husband are faithful members of St. Peter's Baptist Church in Glen Allen, Virginia. Gardening is one of her hobbies. She enjoys it because she feels closer to God while working with His earth.

What People Are Saying About the Book

I know the author personally because we have been friends for many years. I have seen her grow spiritually, and I believe every word in her memoir. I learned a lot more about her after reading her book that includes her poems. My prayer is for God to continue to bless Regina in a special way as well as those who read her spirit-filled book just as I have been truly blessed.

People who have already purchased and read the book say it is a life-changing tool for them to examine their own lives to see how God has been by their sides even when they were not aware of it.

Others are giving the book good reviews because of the simple way it is written so that everyone can understand what the author has said. It is for believers who know God and for non-believers who want to get to know God. Even though it contains many biblical phrases, it is not a book or do's and don'ts. Instead, it is one of encouragement and hope.

Back Cover of the Book

Back Cover of the Book

Regina's Prayer for Readers

"In an effort to help others going through what I've been through, it is my prayer that as you read my book, it will help you like writing it has helped me."

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