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Book Review: Wall-to-Wall Dead by Jennie Bentley


As I continue to slog through the renovations and murders in Waterfield, Maine, I have to say that this installment has been the better of the series.

This installment picks up immediately following the ending of Flipped Out when Derek Ellis and Avery Baker return to their fixer upper on Rowanberry Island for a picnic. Derek is acting a little jumpy during the picnic and confesses that he was afraid of losing her, so, he proposes and naturally she accepts.

A few weeks go by and the two are renovating a small condo where nosy busybody Hilda Shaw has been keeping secrets on all of the residents (including Derek and Avery).

When she is found dead the residents become the main suspects as to who would have killed the homebound senior and the dark secrets that she's been keeping come to the forefront.

What they didn't know is that she had notes, news clippings and photos of everyone, but wasn't blackmailing them per say.

Once an envelope is found by Josh Rasmussen (the chief of police's son) he tries to figure out a way to get rid of it, but Avery persuades him to turn the information over to his father, but before he does, they meet with all of the residents following another murder.

What makes this installment better than the rest is that for those who live in an apartment/building condo, you never really know who your neighbors are or what dirt they may have on you and of course there's always one nosy busybody in the bunch.

As I mentioned earlier, since Avery accepts Derek's proposal, not too much time is spent on the planning of the wedding (which is good) and even though the two are renovating a lot of time isn't focused on the renovation. In the past, there has been a lot of time on the renovations.

At the end of the book there are renovation tips and suggestions for your own projects and it would be good if this series ends on a good note.

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